Saturday, May 26, 2018

Second Day of a Joyful Weekend

I borrowed this from the Internet. The only thing missing  is the action taking place here this weekend a Tournament Saturday and Sunday. Lots of people.

Two of many of my friends here, Rhonda and Barbara are the statisticians. As the score sheets start coming in, they record all the pitchers scores and update their percentages. The girls husbands, Dave and Barry are pitchers too. But when the tournaments are here in Oregon City, they are busy hosting and keeping the things going as smoothly as possible and they do a great job!

Russ and his wife Kay and Larry and his wife Diane are just two of the many friendships we have made at these tournaments.It was nice to hear from them how they miss Joe. And Joe is usually in the middle of this threesome....I'm usually the photographer but this time I handed my camera to someone else and stepped in for my Joe.
Taking those first few steps across the grass to the table where the girls were was hard, and yes the tears were there as I got the hugs, but not for long. Reminiscing was fun, and the hugs and hello's from some I hadn't seen since last September was fun. I only go to the tournaments that are held in Oregon City and Gresham. The club travels all over Oregon.
Tomorrow is  Sunday School and church. I look forward to that. I'll be back here tomorrow for an update on my "Joyful weekend"