Monday, February 19, 2018

A New Chapter

 As you can see, I haven't blogged for almost two months... I didn't have the flu, but was sick and on antibiotics for awhile. Finally started feeling like my old self a week or so ago. Unless something really worth writing about happens this will probably be my last blog. BUT...... I will continue to follow all my blogger friends on their blog!!
My blogging originally started when Joe and I got married and started traveling. It was a good way to show our family where we were from time to time. Then when Joe got sick it was a way to help me process and keep family and friends informed. After he died, it was a way for me to work through the pain of yet another loss in my life. Now  the need to write just isn't there anymore. I'm adjusting pretty well to the new normal. I love where I live, I'm close to all the kids, I love my Sunday School Class and my Church. Lots of new friends. 
For twelve years the wheels on our vehicles turned nearly everyday. It was wonderful. Then all of a sudden it was like hitting a brick wall. The wheels stopped turning. But my desire to keep moving didn't. It took a year of hopping in the car and just going even if it was just a ride in the country. Now I'm very comfortable just staying home. It's quiet, peaceful and beautiful here. Oh I spend time with the kids, go to the grocery store or post office.
On my way to the Post Office or the grocery store I pass by this field and it is lambing season so I enjoy the new babies.

It may be blue skies but on this particular day it was cold and windy. I found this hat and scarf at a craft sale being held in one of the buildings at the Yuma Fairgrounds  in Yuma. Joe would park the car in the parking lot directly across the highway from the Marine Corp Air Station The runway was directly across from there too. When the jets landed and took off it would make the car shake and Joe was grinning from ear to ear. Too low for me. But no matter. I was inside enjoying all the crafts. When There was nothing going on at the fairgrounds, we would park there and he would enjoy the activities across the street and I would read or crochet or knit or work on our iPad.
By the way, the two black wires coming out of each side of my hat..... my Bluetooth earphones and what am I listening too? Could be one of any...Guy Penrod, the Booth Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band, Gaither Gospel Singers, Ivan Parker, Greater Vision, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, and the Cathedrals, and any other Southern Gospel that comes across Pandora.

I saw this on one of my walks here on the property. It remind me of a crown, but in's just a weed.

If only time could talk...

The end of a nice early evening walk.

It seemed Valentines Day was more special to Joe and I than Christmas.Laying in bed thinking about it that morning brought tears. My tears are less and mostly private these days. So before I put my feet on the floor I asked Jesus to fill my heart with joy, His joy. And He answered those prayers. First I received a note from a dear friend in our Thursday morning prayer group that after two major surgeries and three weeks in the hospital she came home yesterday. Then my daughter  called. And later in the afternoon my son made a quick stop. The picture shows why he stopped. It truly was a joyful day.

Some of you know I have struggled with IBS for years. One day I just decided enough is enough. So I started experimenting. I use my InstaPot Pressure Cooker a lot.  I cook things that sounds good... if I don't have side effects from it I keep it. I don't have recipes I just write it down so I don't forget what I did. This is a Hillshire Turkey Kielbasa Sausage soup made in my InstaPot. It was a keeper. The only thing I changed the 2nd time I made it....I used yams instead of russet potatoes. Great taste. 

This is cauliflower salad. I steam the cauliflower and let it cool. Then I use it in place of potatoes... Bet if I served you some and didn't tell you what it was you would think it was potato salad. I make it just like I do potato salad. I try not to use any thing out of a can. Instead I get what ever veggies I need in the organic vegetable section of my grocery store. I also make my variety of bean soups in my InstaPot.
Just because I wanted to reach a weight goal my Dr. suggested for me this year and maintain it, I started eating off a small desert plate, a small glass sauce dish, no seconds, no goodies, and nothing after 4pm except  water, which I drink a lot of during the day. I did have to adjust the timing of my supper to include a bedtime snack. Usually 2 graham crackers and a small glass of milk. My sugar level was getting to low in the middle of the night. I'm happy to say yesterday I reached my goal and have lost 15 lbs. Now the hard part. Keeping it off. Interesting note... I haven't had any digestive issues in almost 2 months. Hmmmm

The Amaryllis was a Christmas gift from my Aunt Marlene. It has been fun to watch it grow and now starting to bloom. What is in the sauce dishes you ask? Made from scratch tapioca pudding using 2% milk.That's a 4 day supply. So easy to make.

Just like almost everyone else last night we got snow. This picture was taken by my neighbor Laura. I entitled it snow flake in flight. She is a very talented photographer.

So, until I have something really great to write about, I will say so long for now and the Lord bless you more than abundantly my friends.