Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Week....One of Joy, Beauty and Peace

Before I begin my blog....GG finally got to meet Elijah. 

 You can't see it in these pictures, but momma let me take his socks off to see his tiny feet. Actually he has very long toes....think he will be tall like his daddy. I love little hands, little toes.
His cousin Callie was born two weeks before he was. Eleven great grandbabies now. What a blessing.
Monday morning I woke up to a very cold, clear crisp day. My neighbor grabbed her Nikon camera with a great telescopic lense, and took a lot of beautiful pictures.

I had covered my car earlier in the week, so I wasn't going anywhere.

As a surprise Christmas gift to son Mike and his family, I asked his son and wife, visiting here from Colorado, to please come get me and take me with them to the candlelight service at Mike's church Christmas eve..... That didn't happen because practically all of Clackamas County was snow bound.. I had a very nice, peaceful Christmas eve and Christmas morning.  Mike called me and asked if I would like his family to come visit me for a few hours.....I was delighted.  Grandma couldn't come to them so they came to grandma! This family has been blessed with talent, talent, talent.They play multiple instruments, they sing, they are artists........
There was so much laughter, begining with this...
POEMS FOR TWO book that Jess and Brandon read to us.

I enjoyed visiting with my grandson Jordan. He and his friend Stephen had just returned a couple of days earlier from a 26 hour train trip to Minot, North Dakota 
to visit his girlfriend Kaylee and her family. I'm looking forward to meeting her when she comes to visit here in Oregon in the Spring.

I knew Heather played the Ukulele and she also sings, so I asked her to tune mine up and sing for us.She is a young lady with many talents. Including Swing Dancing.

I knew a few months ago Mike was making his mom a replica of a covered scale. Here is the completed project. If you remember, He won a blue ribbon at the Oregon State Fair for  a "to scale" replica of his church. After I put the Christmas tree away my bridge will have a permanent stand of it's own.

And these are the newly weds. I love to watch them dance. They were showing us a few moments of ballroom dance. So graceful.
The rest of the pictures are of my favorite Christmas gift....A winter wonderland. 
A Glass Tree

It was too cold to go outside to take these  pictures.... thus the chain link fence.

Check out the icicles on the momma racoon. 

What the birds didn't want on the feeder they ate off the ground. It's all thistle for the finches but it looks like the blackcap chickadees and the wrens enjoyed them also.

Waiting for the thaw......
This was actually my first Christmas alone. Last year I was with my sister.There were hard moments this Christmas, reminders of the joy Joe and I shared.Those moments didn't linger. The Lord was right there with the comfort and peace He promised. I opened my gifts Christmas eve....because I could. (smile) Each one useful and meaningful.I climbed into bed, and  before I closed my eyes I asked the Lord to fill me full of joy. His joy. And that's what He did.One of my gifts is a new CD by three friends. Amy Sky, Olivia Newton-John and Beth Nielsen Chapman, entitled LIV ON. I set the player on repeat. Oh how it ministered, encouraged and brought joy to my heart. 

A White Christmas, friends and family ( and the family I didn't get to see I talked to on the phone), meaningful gifts. Yep He answered my prayer. A little song I sang as a child came to my mind as I finished writing this....
I've Got The Joy, Joy, Joy
See you later
Happy New Year