Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Walk Down The Path On A Beautiful Fall Evening

Before I start my blog I want to share a couple of pictures. In my last blog I shared with you that my son David was taking care of my roses and showed you how beautiful the yellow roses were. Since then, my Mr. Lincoln has started blooming again.
 This is the Mr. Lincoln. I can almost smell the fragrance.
And here  are both the bushes together. Thank you again David for taking such good care of them. In a few weeks I will cut them back (so we can get them in the car) and bring them back to my place.
Yesterday I received a text from David and Jennifer along with this picture. "Look what the stork brought"  This is Harry. He's a three or four month old mix of Pit bull and American Bull Dog. They didn't waste any time either. Harry starts obedience training school on the 3rd of Oct. 
Now on to my blog for this evening.
Meet my friend and neighbor Laura  Laura has lots of reasons NOT  to smile but I don't think anyone has ever told her and if they did I don't think she'd believe them. It is pure joy and sometimes a little craziness to  be  around her. Never a dull moment. This evening we went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and to see if we could see any wild life.  There were plenty of birds singing, and as we were almost finished with our walk she said "listen".... The Coyotes off in the distance were making their presence known.  Laura can make that "machine" she's sitting in go places I don't dare to walk!! She even picks blackberries in it. Tonight I held my breath because I thought she was going to tip it over. Nope. Not Laura. She had me laughing so hard. It's scary how well she operates that "go chair". It's heavy duty, made to be used outside. So for the rest of my blog, please enjoy the pictures of how the Lord has blessed my life by giving me such a beautiful place to live.

Laura has a beautiful Nikon CoolPix p900.83x zoom. 16.2 pixels. (Thanks for that info Laura)
 So she's taking pictures with that while I'm taking pictures with my iPhone. I have a smaller Nikon CoolPIx but it needs to be charged up and I only have two hands...right? I need one for my cane and the other to hold the camera/phone.


Sometimes, weeds can be just plain beautiful.
Thank you for joining us on our evening walk. Bye for now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl