Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fair Season Part 1

Before I start my actual blog today I wanted to share a couple of pictures of friends I had a chance to spend time with in the last couple of weeks

I was thrilled to be able to spend time with my friends Lois and Scott and......
my best "dog friend" Toby. I brought "lunch in a pot" so we could have more time to visit and play Fast Track" Scott and Lois were at Fairview RV Park for a few days before heading back to Coburg to have their slides fixed on the motor home. This meant they wouldn't be back in October like original planned. It also meant I would be saying both Hello and goodbye until sometime next year.

I also had a chance to meet up with  entertainer friend Kerry Grombacher when he did a concert at the Tigard Library last week. Joe and I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago in Tombstone, Arizona.  It was good to see him again and visit a few minutes before the concert.

I love to go to fairs.  Town fairs, county fairs, state fairs...... it doesn't matter. I missed the Clackamas County fair and Rodeo this year, but I'll be there again next year.
I didn't miss the Oregon State Fair though. I went three times. The first time was with my daughter Sheila. We had such a good time. I could hardly wait to get there because my son Michael had an entry in the fair and Sheila and I would be the first in the family to see if he was awarded a ribbon. He wrote the following note to me. "It feels like Christmas morning and we're all sitting around the tree waiting for you and Dad to get your coffee so we can start opening presents.... We don't really care what we got it's just the thrill of opening. I'm trying not to keep my hopes up but boy it sure would be nice if I did win"

There it is YES!! He was awarded a blue ribbon for his hard work. This is the description standing by his work.

Description reads:
"Although the exterior is not the same as the actual church, the interior sanctuary and stage is an exact scale replica of Victory Faith Church in Oregon City Oregon. The windows, carpet and exterior stone of this model were printed from hi-rez pictures of those items.

So that was the first trip to the fair. The second time was Saturday. After going to the concert at the library in Tigard with my daughter in law and granddaughter, we picked up my son David from his work and off we went to the fair again. 
This time, so mom could  could see the lights of the fair at night from the chair lifts. ( I borrowed   this picture from the internet) I don't drive after dark so what a gift of love from my son David and his wife Jennifer..... he goes to work at 3:30 in the morning. When we left for home, Jennifer drove and David slept. :)

The young lady on your left is my granddaughter Cassie and her mom (my daughter in law Jennifer). They bought new hats at the fair and I brought mine from home. The scarves around our neck are coolers. It was a bit warm that evening. 
The third and last time I went to the fair was yesterday with my friends Jim and Neila.  Jim and Joe were best friends. We met them years ago when we parked right next to them at an RV Park near Blythe, California. I don't like to do rides at the fair but Joe did and so did, Jim and I would hold their coats and items that would fall out of their pockets when the rides were upside down and they would do the crazy rides. Rides are no longer an option but we sure enjoyed our time together at the fair yesterday.
This horse and wagon team took first place yesterday

Jim and Neila admiring the old Case steam engine tractor.
Well friends, this ends part 1 of "Fair Season". Part one you ask? Is there a part 2 coming?  Oh yeah,.....I'll keep you posted. In a few days I'm heading for my sister's in Washington to the Big One. The Washington State Fair. I'm 76 years old and except for a few years when I was living in Alaska and Idaho, I've been going to the fair since elementry school when they let school out for the day and the kids were given free tickets into the fair....

It's been 10 months now since I've been on this journey of living life alone. When friends ask how I'm doing my answer with a smile is "less tears and more smiles" I've expanded my borders as to how far I feel comfortable driving. While I'm in Washington this time I'm driving further North to Lynden, WA to spend time with my sister in law before heading home. That will be my last trip with the car until next spring. I've put in an application for a volunteer position some where one day a week for now and will say more about it after I hear if I've been accepted. More great grandbabies are on their way and I'm loving the love that my adult kids shower me with. I am one blessed woman!!
Bye for now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl