Monday, August 28, 2017

On The Go

It seems as if I have been in the same blog "funk" as my friend Al Bossence from The Bayfield Bunch. Sometimes known as the gal with "so many words", I went into a slump for no real reason and blogging just wasn't there. Which was to bad because this month has been chock full of fun. 
So, today I was shopping at a local Fred Meyers store and a very sweet lady approached me and said something like this. "Excuse me, but do you blog? After I "recovered", I told her yes. And she proceeded to tell me she has been following my blog practically since I started writing. She said she never comments but always reads it. She said she saw Joe and I in a restaurant "with another couple" a year or so ago, but didn't want to interrupt us. I told her about being in my "blog funk" asked her if I could take her picture and use it. 

So here it is "Kaye from Oregon". Thanks for helping me get out of my slump. It was so nice to meet you. You brightened my day and made me feel special.
I recently took a trip with my friend Ruth and my sister Jan, to Vashon Island. That in it's self was wonderful but remember in my last blog I mentioned I drove to Redmond, Washington? Well this is the 2nd leg of that trip. I drove from Redmond back to Bonney Lake, WA, picked up my sister and with her in the front seat to help direct me to Anthony's Restaurant in North Tacoma, right next to where we would take the ferry to Vashon.

We ate lunch outside at Anthony's restaurant before
boarding the ferry for Vashon. 

This is a red Jelly Fish floating right by our table. I had never seen one 

We had time before boarding the ferry to enjoy this beautiful garden. Point Defiance Gardens

After lunch, Ruthie took the wheel and drove the car on to the ferry. She then became our tour guide for the week. 

They pack the ferry like sardines in a can.

My sister Jan and I enjoying the short ferry ride to the island.

We were guests of my friend Ruthie. This was the home of her grandparents, built in 1907. (I hope I got this right). It is still owned by family members.

This is the view we woke up to every morning. It was a week of reflection and healing for me and I was so grateful I had this opportunity to come back again. The last time we came here, Joe was with me.

I have never seen a tree this huge. The little climbing girl came out in my sister. 

Ruthie says this huge tree root has been here as long as she can remember and it is a tradition when one comes to visit they have their picture taken. I couldn't climb up to find a hole to put my face in but Jan did.

My friend Ruthie

Ruthie has many wonderful memories of her and her brother climbing and playing on these sand cliffs.

Ruthie was a wonderful tour guide and shared many of her memories with us. This is the light house keepers homes at Point Robinson My understanding is you can now rent these as vacation homes. (Quarters A  $1,785 per week. Max. 6 guests (or 8 with roll-a-ways).
Quarters B  $1,575 per week. Max. 4 guests  (or 6 with roll-a-ways).


There were many photo opportunities on the island.

This is the neighbor, Susan, walking her horse along the beach.

I was sitting outside reading my book and I looked up to see this....couldn't resist taking a picture. It looks like Jan is herding a gaggle of geese, but really they were on their walk and Jan was taking a walk lost in her own thoughts. 

There was traffic of all sizes on the sound most every day. Kayak's, sail boats, fishing boats to these huge cargo ships.  Just off to the right of the water is Sea-Tac International Airport. Planes landing and taking off 24-7. 

Sunrises, and sunsets were incredibly beautiful every day we were there.

We took our chairs and left them sitting on the knoll. I sat down to read, but most the time I was just staring at the view. Jan would read for awhile and if you look down on the beach.......yep that's her. She would lay her book down and head for the waters edge.
It was a wonderful week. Thank you so much Ruthie for sharing your beautiful memories with us.
I'll love you for ever and for always
        Your Betty Girl