Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beautiful Day For a Family Reunion

I spent a very enjoyable week at The Multnomah Holiness Campground
To the very far left of the picture is the side entrance to the very large tabernacle. The campgrounds is a 20 minute drive from my home. I went each morning,came home at noon then returned for the evening service at 7:00PM. 
Friday I got to care for two special little grandsons. They just happened to love VBS (Vacation Bible School) And wonderful for Grandma Betty because the campgrounds had VBS all week. Here they are waiting for the doors to open.

After I checked them in I took a few pictures. They fit right in. They have been to VBS at their own church before. It worked out great for me because VBS is the same time as morning chapel.

Today was the Tarr Family reunion. Tarr being Joe's mom's maiden name. What was so special about the reunion this year was where it was held. Clackamette Park in Oregon City. Which just happens to be where Joe's Horseshoe club meets, practices and holds tournaments. I knew it might be tough for me so I took care of that as soon as I got up this morning. I prayed. It will sound familiar to those who read this blog regularly. "Dear Lord, Thank you that you will give me the strength, courage, peace and comfort as I need it to get through the day today."

If I counted right, over the years, Joe's name is on here three times.

This is Joe's daughter Kelly. When her dad died, I gave her his horseshoes, and hook and other horseshoe memorabilia. Keeping in mind the prayer I prayed earlier. When I saw that gray bag, and that red, white and blue hook, that pain came back that I experienced the day he died. The ache, the broken heartedness....... I tried to choke back the tears  but I couldn't. The shoes were there, the hook was there, but my Joe wasn't there.But the tears didn't last long. Then the second part of that prayer came into being. The comfort, of those around me who understood, (I call that Jesus with skin on) and then the peace. 

The rest of the day was filled with joy and peace watching the family pitching shoes,

Enjoying the fact that Julie and Bob won the tournament (and Julie's name will go on that trophy board yet again) .

Some of the family members had to leave early but this is a photo of the majority of those attending the reunion.
When the Lord provides the comfort and peace, He does a REALLY good job of it!  This is Carmen Rose McMenamy meeting her "Auntie Betty" for the first time. 

When I decided to keep blogging I changed the title from Joe and Betty's Adventures to The Journey Continues....documenting the many firsts that happens when the love of your life dies and you journey on as a widow. My prayer was that my sharing would help someone on this journey. 
It was another first today. First Tarr family reunion without my Joe. I didn't really want to go. So many memories, all good.  It was just a gray bag that held Joe's horseshoes, and  a hook painted red white and blue. But it really wasn't just a gray bag.... I bought him that bag when he became a member of the Oregon Horseshoe Pitchers Association. He was so proud of it. And the hook..... I remember when he painted it. It was a very special hook. A friends dad made it from an old golf club. And a wooden clothes pin with his name on it ....Kelly wondered what it was for. "just part of the uniform" He would clip it to his score card and clip it to his cap so he wouldn't loose it. I never know when my emotions will rear their ugly heads and the tears will come. But it isn't as often as it used to be.  
Bye for now,
                          I'll love you for ever and for always
                                                                                Your Betty Girl