Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Treasured Gift I Will Cherish Forever

During the time Joe was having chemo we spent a lot of time on the third floor of the Pavilion at Portland Adventist Medical Center. It's  leased by OHSU Phil Knight Cancer Institute.  The Oncology team became like family to us. After Joe died, I would stop by now and then to say hi. The lady in the pictures is Barbara. When Joe would come in, it was her responsibility to take his vitals, weigh him, and take us to a room to wait for the Dr. When the Dr. visit was finished she would get him settled in his recliner and give him a warm blanket before the nurses came to start his infusion.  Barbara can do "magic" things with material. Including articles of clothing for preemies, quilting etc.  Months later, after Joe was gone, on one of my visits, I had learned she made a teddy out of a man's shirt for the son of one of the nurses.  The wheels in my head started turning.  I asked her if I could hire her to make me a couple. ..... I just happened to have two of Joe's shirts hanging in my closest that I couldn't let go of. The following pictures are of the first "Joe" Bear. 
When she pulled him out of her bag, yes, I couldn't hold the tears back. One of the nurses happened to come around the corner just in time to take some pictures on my iPhone. Because we weren't posing, some are blurry but thank you Janet for "capturing the moment"

A close up of Mr. Joe Bear

The Patch on the back of Joe Bear's Vest is one of his horseshoe championship patches.
 Tomorrow we are going to have dinner together at a new hamburger place in Happy Valley not far from where I live. Killer Burgers. There, she will give me the other Joe Bear, made from the 2nd shirt. I can hardly wait to see it. Two Shirts, Two Bears. No, she refused to let me pay her.....A treasure I will surely cherish forever. From the deepest part of my heart Barbara, thank you.
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl