Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June.....Another Busy, Fun Filled Month

I am thrilled to share my news with you. The ultrasound picture below is of my newest great granddaughter who will be arriving around November 3rd. My grandson Joshua and his wife Kaitlin are the proud parents. This will be number 11 great grandchild. 


June proved to be another very busy month. I took the train to Seattle the middle of the month to see our granddaughter Joleen graduate from Lake Washington High School.

I'm learning what to ask for as far as seat assignments. This is a window, water, single seat in the business car.
And the views are spectacular

The train goes so close to this arena you could almost reach out and touch it.
Come out the front door of Union Station, walk one block and look to the right, you will see this white building with a pointed top, nestled among tall skyscrapers. This is the Smith Tower. When I was a little girl this was the tallest building in Seattle! It had a glass elevator. My mom had business to take care of there one time and we had to take that elevator...... I think that might be why I don't care to use elevators to this day.
Proud Mom and Dad

Joleen's graduation was held at The Key Arena downtown Seattle. Over 400 graduates. It was pouring down rain when we arrived. If I remember right, there were four graduation ceremonies there that day. As soon as one ceremony was over the workers "herded" the guests out the door quickly as possible to set up for the next one.  I still don't know how we did it, as we were being told we had to leave so the next graduation could start ( ours was the last) we managed to get in the door. Kelly explained we WERE family of the next graduation and she quickly said something like "go find a seat"  so with coats, umbrella's, and my cane, we managed to save 9 seats until the rest of the family could get in.

Joleen getting hugs from mom and Grandma Betty
Her Uncle Rob and Aunt Gloria and Grandma Betty
Jo's graduation was on a Thursday and Saturday her parents gave her a beautiful graduation party/barbecue. Many friends and family were there to congratulate her. The above cake was one of the best I have ever tasted! Ordered from Whole Foods. Real butter, real cream, etc. Those are fresh black berries and blueberries.

The English Tea Garden

A couple of days after I returned from Seattle it was time to celebrate the birthday of my friend Ruth. There is the sweetest place to have High Tea,  or just lunch not to far from where we live.

 I prearranged to have the Rose Tea. Only difference from the High Tea was we didn't have the soup. I wish I would have taken a picture when our hostess brought the two tier trays in, one for each of us. There were tiny sandwiches, croissants, scones, and deserts. And our choice of tea, each in our own tea pot. When we were finished, The owner and her helper brought Ruthie a tiny cupcake with a little candle and they and the ladies at the table next to us all sang Happy Birthday to her. The nice ending to this story.... I found out Beth, the owner, and her sister Marilyn, the hostess, both attend my Church.  The thing is, I set third row from the front at church, so I don't see those behind me. I'm slowly getting to know my church family and on this day I met two more. 
Rhonda texted me a few days ago asking me If I thought I would like to come down to Clackamette Park where Joe's horseshoe club pitches. They were having the Sandbaggers Tournament.( don't know where that name came from)  I thought about it and decided to do it. It was difficult at first but after a few minutes I settled down and enjoyed watching Joe's friends that were there pitch. Rhonda and her husband Dave were the statisticians for the day.
The temperatures were in the 90's when I left shortly before noon on Saturday.

Joe's horseshoe Buddy Russ, looks like he had a "buy" so was keeping score during his time out. We met Russ and Kay in the desert. If I remember right at Pilot Knob RV Park in Winterhaven, California. Joe and I were on one of our walks around the Park and we stopped and visited with Russ and his wife Kaye. Long story short, the guys started talking horseshoes, and when they came back from the desert Russ drove from Hillsboro to Oregon City and became a member of our club. He is a great pitcher and even pitches in tournaments in Arizona in the winter.
So as you see, June WAS busy. I would like to share a little lesson I learned about myself. I've had to deal with some financial issues these past months. I can't go into any of the details, but it was really wearing me down. I have always known the Lord goes before me in all things. He knows my struggles. But when the "hard stuff" is constantly in my face I tend to forget and try to "fix it" or worry about HOW I'm going to "fix it". Sunday our pastor reminded us in his message, "Breathe. God has our backs" Let go of the hard stuff knowing God is in control. This morning, I received a phone call, and the financial issues are now behind me. Done. Resolved. No worries, no more. Am I grateful? YES !! Another example of how God has my back.  I hope I have learned that particular lesson now.  "Breathe Betty. God has your back. Let go of what ever it is that is causing you stress and let God be in control of it."  Thank you Pastor Jim for that message Sunday.
Bye for now.

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl