Thursday, May 11, 2017

Memories of Mom

This picture was taken the last Mother's Day mom was alive. She died April 10th, 2012.Her pastor asked my sister and I to write some of our thoughts down and he would read them at her funeral service. The first one written here was by my sister Jan ten days before mom died.

I look at my mom's hands. These nearly 91 year old hands, now so lifeless, have done so much. They have tenderly held her dolly and pushed her in the doll stroller that I still have. As a young girl, they helped take care of her little brother that was only a year younger than her. We've heard stories but I'm sure there were more. Her hands were busy as a teenager working in the orchards near Walla Walla. Soon after marrying at 19, these beautiful hands helped her husband build a home. Not long after the home was completed, her hands received the first of three children. Her hands tenderly picked up the infants and touched each face with a love that only a caring mother can possess. The same hands bathed each girl and her boy, washed their clothes and picked them up when they needed her.  When mom and dad bought an 80 acre dairy farm. These busy hands now became a working set of farming hands. They worked in the soil, cut heads off chickens and milked cows.  The years passed and these hands were trustworthy in many ways from counting and taking the church offerings to the bank and then working at the bank. Many hours her hands sewed beautiful doll clothes, dresses for her own daughters as well as mending for her son. They have mowed lawns, ironed for her family and hired out to do others. Moms hands have punished when it was needed. Amazing how the same hands can show love with a caress yet can also sting with a powerful force. But aren't both touches of the hand administered to teach that a child God's way of love through obedience? Growing up and watching mom's hands, I can't leave out the hours I've seen them holding her bible. Because of this, Betty, Dick and I are all followers of Christ and one day soon these hands will again hold her precious son's hands.  We only get one set of hands in our life time.  What are you holding in your hands?

~ Janice Lidstrom

Sometimes I take my phone that has Pandora music on it and a little iHome portable speaker and head out back to my "Secret Garden" where I hear birds singing their little hearts out. I was actually able to capture this one on my phone camera. He was singing right along with what ever the Southern Gospel song that happened to be on at the moment.
Below is memories I wrote for mom's pastor to read at her funeral service
This is a true story that mom told me. I don't have a lot of memories of my younger life so I hang on to what stories I've been told.  I was about 3 when we lived in White Center, Washington. I wandered away from home, crossed a busy street, and was heading for the home of one of my mom's friends. When mom and dad missed me, and found me walking the sidewalk on the other side of the street, dad brought me home and promptly paddled me I think more out of fear than anything else because that was the only time I can ever remember that he spanked me.  Not to many years after that, we moved to Eatonville and attended "The Little Chapel" a church which was in an old theater on the main street of town. Apparently I was misbehaving and mom took me outside and again I received a paddling. About the same time a car passed by, the driver hollered out the window to my mom .."So is that what you learn in church?" Years later, as an adult, thinking about that story, I would have replied back to the driver...."you bet"!!! Because being disciplined by mom, and being brought up in church was in part what made me who I am today. Any time the church doors were opened we were there. Not sent there but brought there by mom. Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday eve, once a month fellowship meetings, youth rallies and Bible camp. She not only taught us how to live she showed us how to live.  What a great example as a mom she was.  In church as young people, we sat on the third row from the front and our mom was right behind us. If any of us were caught whispering or not paying attention, she would snap her finger (or any of the moms for that matter) all heads went up and eyes straight ahead! Mom told me I asked Jesus into my heart at her knees when I was 3 years old. And during my lifetime as I grew in understanding of God's Word, that commitment was reaffirmed. Mom taught me I could rely on God to be my strength and comfort and joy through all walks of life.


Yesterday was another beautiful day. My friend Ruth invited me to go with her to Tony's nursery which is about 5 minutes up the road from where I live.

 She was looking for hanging baskets.  
There were so many to choose from and they were all huge and beautiful.

I watch the weather reports closely and I knew this day would be the last nice one for about a week.

The day started out like this

And as the day wore on,

And evening approached, it looked like this.

I want to thank my friend Laura for the last three pictures here. She had her camera with her  and gave me permission to use them here.
 As I end my blog this evening it's raining hard. But that won't stop my walk. I'll be up and out in the morning....this time with my umbrella.
Bye for now


I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl