Thursday, May 4, 2017

It Was A Very Good Day

I spent the morning at our local Honda Dealer while they removed the towing hardware from the car.   The waiting area is very comfortable with coffee, tea, fruit and snacks, lots of plug ins and Internet.  I took my morning walk before I left. It was a beautiful morning. When I decided to continue this blog after Joe died, it was because I wanted to document the many firsts that happens when the love of your life dies and you journey on as a widow, hoping it might help others that are also on this journey. I still miss Joe more than I could even begin to put in to words. I'm not lonely, but it's the alone thing that gets me sometimes.....when I least expect it. When I got home, and was taking things in and out of the car, it hit me. Nothing about the car looks like it had ever been a "toad". That chapter of my life is over. I'm the driver now. Not Joe. I'm the one who has to do the "walk around" making sure  tail lights and brake lights work, tires have proper amount of air, Joe's not here to do it and those of you who knew Joe, for sure I'd better make sure that car is clean inside and out. Well I don't clean it like he did but I do run it through the car wash once a week. So thinking about all these things brought the tears. I've learned over these last six months when I start feeling sad, I need to not sit and think, but get up and move. And there has been a lot of rain these last six months. So I walked in the stores close by.
It was such a beautiful day when I got home I decided walking some more would be a good thing. So with camera in hand  off I went. Click on the above picture to enlarge and and check out what I did. This is a black walnut tree and it is very, very large and tall. These branches are at the very top. I had my Nikon camera zoomed out as far as it would go to get that black bird to the left of the picture.  It was my neighbor gal that noticed I had captured a beautiful little gold finch with out even knowing it. I didn't see it. 

I used my zoom again to get Mt. Hood and I'll be if I didn't do it again!!!  Look what's sitting at the very top of that fir tree to the right. I don't know if it's just a starling or crow. I didn't even see it when I was taking the picture.

Just a single blossom on a dogwood tree.

After I finished my walk I was sitting out back listening to the birds. Bird choirs are always in tune, perfect pitch, never off key......well, unless a crow tries to join in. Then it gets very quiet.

Maybe the choir director?

And one of the choir members?
I've mentioned this a few times  but will say it again. When Joe was first diagnosed with cancer, we asked the Lord to give us Strength and Courage and Peace and Comfort. He is still answering those prayers. There have been mornings when I didn't want to get out of bed but with His strength I did. And there have been financial issues that at times were almost overwhelming but He reminds me He's in control of the situation. So that strengthens my faith, and I'm learning tears are OK I don't have to choke them down, and when the tears are gone, I have that peace and comfort like a warm, soft, blanket wrapped around me. ( and there are less and less tears now)  I have been blessed with a beautiful, safe place to live, family that checks on me often, and friends that cry and laugh with me. It is truly a journey and I look forward to each day to see what the Lord has in store for me for that day.
Photo taken from the Internet

Bye for now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl