Friday, March 31, 2017

Tulips And Mud

Today was a truly awesome, wonderful day. I spent the whole day with my daughter . We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn. I have been there many times, but she had never been there and I was so excited to be able to share the beauty of the fields with her. As we drove in there was the usual long lines of cars and Senior Resident buses waiting to pay their $5.00 per person fee. Now that is a reasonable parking fee to see fields and fields of vibrant, colored tulips.... 
 The fields were there but where were the vibrant colored tulips?

In Pots. Huge Pots. And they were beautiful.
I had checked the weather forcast before I left and was happy to see no rain for today. But something told me it would be wise to bring our boots.....Boy did that pay off!!!

I spoke to one of the employees there. They said because of all the cold weather and all the rain the fields were not only late in blooming, there was mud and water everywhere. 

Signs asked that guest walk on the large path ways not between the rows of tulips.... "mom which side of the creek do you want to walk on"?

The flowers that were in bloom were beautiful. 

This dog was adorable. He was obedient and fun. We asked if we could take his picture and they said sure. They told him to smile and sure enough..........check out the smile.

Aren't we glad we brought our boots?   Oh, yeah!!!!!

This high platform is so you can get a broad view from high up 

After we finished in the fields we went back to the car and changed out of our boots back into shoes to visit the vendors and gift shop. Each year the equipment is placed different places in the fields. I loved the truck was right by the door of the gift shop this year.  Notice I'm behaving myself and using my cane.......

And I'm not using it here? Well I had Sheila beside me so I laid the cane on the bench right in front of me, and walked off and left it.

From there we went to get a snack. Sheila said she hadn't had an Elephant ear in years. I solved that right away!!! We people watched, enjoyed the clouds going away and and the sun coming out. When we were finished I went to pick up my cane.....oh no. I don't like having to use that thing in the first place and true to "Lucy" form I've lost it. We went to the office and reported it as lost and continued on enjoying the potted flowers. I did feel really bad though because that was my mom's cane.

As we came around the corner to go into the gift shop. There was that truck and then I remembered. Yep, the cane was sitting there patiently waiting for me. Off we went into the gift shop. Me and my cane. That's like a bull in a china shop. I tried really hard to keep it close to me and move slowly. But the bottom of the cane hit a corner of something on the floor... I stopped.....held my breath and eased my way around the next corner. Nothing broke or moved. Whew..

We enjoyed the rest of the shopping time, and got out of there with everything in tact. 

More signs of spring
 It was a wonderful, beautiful day. Sunshine, beautiful flowers and being with my daughter. A mom can't ask for much more than that.  I and a friend are going back there in a couple of weeks to meet our friends and we have been assured, unless weather gets freaky, the fields will be in full color. We'll see.

Bye For Now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl