Thursday, February 2, 2017

Life Continues on...... One Day At A Time

Before I start my blog this evening, for those of you who are from the Pacific Northwest or have had any dealings with  Camping World in Troutdale, Oregon, this was our headlines on the news tonight.  

These past couple of weeks it's been one day at a time. Nights being the most difficult. I saw this recently on Facebook and it pretty much says it all. My sister and I had a good talk on the phone the other night and bottom line from her own experiences, she has taken the tough times and turned them into "what lesson can I learn from this".

So I've been working on life lessons in the pain of missing you Joe...And I'll be sharing some of them from time to time. I met a sweet, elderly lady today who remembers you from your days of transporting residents from place to place. She couldn't say enough about how wonderful her and her husband thought you were. She used words like kind, gentle, helpful  to name a few. In a couple of weeks I will use her in one of my life lessons I will share.

Today was the monthly Senior Luncheon at church. Susan is such a great cook and her husband Ray is right there to help. I'm getting to know the group and making more new friends.  The tables were decorated with Valentine Candy, and cute little Valentine figurines. It is the most romantic month of the year right????  February was the month Joe gave me my engagement ring. Instead of giving it to me after we had it sized, he made arrangements with my Pastor at the time in Estacada to give it to me during our Church Valentine's Banquet. He said he wanted the whole world to know how much he loved me but knowing he couldn't do that, giving it to me in front of my church family would work too. That really was a surprise and so special because Joe was normally not one that would do anything in front of a room full of people especially people that he didn't really know that well. Pastor Jim's devotional after lunch was about love too.  God's love for us.  I couldn't focus to well on everything he said because I was concentrating on trying to keep my eyes from "leaking" It was useless so I quit trying, got out my hanky and just wiped them away and kept smiling.....

This is a view of part of my walk each day. I try to do it three times a day. I started Physical Therapy last week for Gait issues. It seems I'm not as stable on my feet as I use to be and the exercises I'm doing will help that if I'm faithful in doing them. I haven't fallen yet and I don't plan on that ever happening.

This is the view on the way back. If you enlarge the picture by clicking on it you can see beautiful Mt. Hood in the distance and our Class C Motor home patiently waiting for just the right buyer. 

This is just a weed as far as I know but it was frozen. I took this during our last freezing rain/snow storm. Even weeds can be beautiful at times. We are in the middle of yet another freezing rain/snow storm passing through tonight. This one though won't last as long. The forecast is for it to be done by Saturday which is a good thing. I will be working on my tax preparation this weekend and by Sunday hopefully it will just be rain and I can go to church......and then watch the Super Bowl. :)
Bye for now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl