Sunday, January 22, 2017

After Two Long Weeks

I sit here tonight my Joe, working on my blog and thinking about the last three months since you went to live in your new heavenly home. I can't even imagine what it must be like, how beautiful it must be. But I CAN tell you there is no words to describe the pain and loneliness of you not being here with me. I try to keep busy during the day and that helps. The nights are the worst. People say, and I've said it too "that time heals".... but it seems like that "time" will never get here.  I know I can't get around it. I have to walk through it. Now that the snow is gone I can get out of the house. This was a week full of joyful news regarding some of our grand kiddos....adults now.

Meet Jess Schwartz. She is our newest grand daughter to be. Yes, Brandon is engaged.He waited for a long time for the Lord to give him the perfect wife for him.  I won't be going back to Colorado for the wedding.... you know how much I love to fly (NOT) but they are having a wedding reception in Oregon City in May and I will be there for that. Jan is coming down and we will go together. I am so looking forward to meeting her.

Then there is your Heather. It's not enough that she already plays the keyboard, guitar and ukulele. Now she is playing the violin.... all self taught via You Tube and her sharp ear  (of course that comes from her grandma right :) She played the theme from Pirates Of The Caribbean for me.
Then our sweet little  great grand daughter Araina turned one last week.
Last week David, Jennifer and the boys came to visit and brought me some groceries and a special movie I really wanted..... can you believe it.

 They gave me
"Finding Dory"  Then they stayed and we all watched it together.  Now I have both Finding Nemo AND Dory. I'm not much of a cartoon person but I loved these. The colors are so beautiful too.
After being housebound for two weeks from the snow and ice, I was able to get out of the house for a visit with son Mike. My intentions were to pick up the barometer I accidentally broke and he fixed it. As soon as I took it off the wall by one of the "handles" and it broke when I was moving, I remembered you telling me only to handle it by the center. Thank you Mike for your beautiful work.
 I was also blessed to be able to have a short, quick visit with  daughter Sheila. Bless her heart. Wednesday she had all her teeth pulled and dentures put in place. She was asleep, but Thursday through today have been so painful for her. So yesterday I took her flowers, and a goody bag with things that she will need for wearing dentures now, plus some yogurt. She doesn't feel like eating anything else yet.  

 Sheila lives in the country and the scenery on the way there is so beautiful. Especially on this day my friend and I went to visit her. On the way home, she spotted some moss that she could use in re potting a fern she had just purchased...

Well my love it was a long two weeks, but I made it. In trying to comfort me before you died, you would say "it will be OK"  It doesn't always feel OK but you are right. I WILL  be OK.
Bye for now.

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

Meet Lamby. In between snow storms, I was able to get to the Post Office.There was so much mail in my little box. Among the mail was a familiar yellow slip indicating there was a package... or more mail they couldn't get in my box. So I went to the window and it was a box. I brought every thing home and laid it on the counter, the package still unopened. There was more errands to run. It had been a tough day. Somehow, my house key fell off my key ring. GONE. If that wasn't enough when I got the mail there was a huge package  from medical records. Dates I needed for tax purposes but a huge painful reminder all the tests, surgeries, medicines....didn't work. He died.  Tears and rain doesn't make for safe driving but I couldn't stop them. I was back in the house by 5 and I opened my package. I didn't know who it was from. All it said was Amazon. But the person reading this  blog does. I've all ready communicated with that person. I thanked them for their sensitivity to the nudging of the Holy Spirit in giving me that sweet little lamb. Again God's timing is perfect. When you hold it's little paws. It recites the whole 23rd Psalm.
"Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
."....for 75 years I've always thought that was for the person dying. Holding and listening to my precious little lamb, I realized I walked through the valley of the shadow of death watching my Joe die little by little over the year. But the Lord was with me every step of the way. I encourage any of you who are going through your own difficult valley, take that chapter and personalize it. Where ever there is a personal pronoun put your name...Joe's right. I am going to be O.K. It's just a long journey but I'll get there and so will you.

PS. Guess what? After replacing the lost key and having a couple spares cut and put in a safe place.... I lifted a bag I keep in the back of my car and there was the lone, lost key. Apparently it had pulled off the key holder and stuck to the bottom of the bag and when I lifted the bag it fell on to the seat.