Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Enough Already

Hi, Honey. I can imagine if you could get a glimpse of where I am you would be nodding your head saying "yep" Heaven is a wonderful place right about now"  It's beautiful here but Brrrrr.

Last weekend was a skiff of snow and lots of freezing rain leaving parts of the city paralyzed.  True to my word I stayed inside until the roads were clear

Then Monday and Tuesday, I took care of some appointments and am happy to tell you  Dr. gave me another good report. My A1c is great, liver enzymes are normal. 

Blowing, freezing rain made it slick right up to the door . I opened the door, looked out and closed it right up again.

I've seen snow hang on to the patio furniture, but see the little icicles on the table and arms of the chair?

The car was encased in ice. So the next day I carefully, with my boots on and all bundled up, went out to the motor home and it started right up and I also ran the generator for awhile. All is good. I was finally enjoying a day out of the house to finish my errands. I spent a day gathering all the paper work from all the Dr's, hospitals, pharmacies etc so I can claim the mileage on our taxes. I'm so thankful for Jean our tax lady. I just don't know what I'd do without her this year. I also made an appointment with the skin Dr. again as much as I didn't want to.  Dr. wants to have that mole near my right temple checked.  Then he also wants me to make an appointment with Physical Therapy for a balance assessment. He seems to think I would walk better on my feet than my face. I haven't fallen but  I'm a little more unsteady than before.  

But before I could do that, my ears really perked up when I heard the weather report on the radio. Snow was on the way.  And before I got in the door it had started to snow...and snow....and snow... All night long
It snowed until this afternoon. Portland and surrounding areas were paralyzed yet again. But I was warm and "snug as a bug in a rug" inside. Plenty to eat and drink. And today I have enjoyed all the Gaither video's I could find on You Tube and with the miracle of my Chromcast I've been able to watch them on my TV. I couldn't remember where I packed it when I moved and recently found it. By then I had to figure out again how to hook it up again. All done. I can use it with my phone, the iPad or my laptop. Right now I'm using the laptop while I work on my blog. 

I opened the door this morning and it appears the sweet little birds outside were looking for something to eat... I don't have any bird food at the moment. I will get some and put it in a feeder away from the front door step. 

This is looking out toward the highway.

I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. It isn't heaven like where you are honey, but it is as close as I will get for now.

It makes me cry, my heart is full of gratitude,  when I think of how much the Lord loves me and cares for me until I can be with you again.

I am told that no matter what the season is it is beautiful here. So I am looking forward to Spring, Summer and Fall.

Bye for now

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl