Saturday, November 11, 2017

GG Goes To A Birthday Party For Two Great Grands......

Today I attended a brother/sister birthday celebration for two of my great grandchildren.

There was lots of hugs and

kisses for GG.
Even though mom was prepared for a frosting "bath" it didn't happen. 

I think she was just overwhelmed with so many people, 
the flame on the candle .....who knows.
After a nice lunch and birthday cake, we then went to the large area where a bouncy house was waiting for the kids to play on.

"Then it was time to open gifts"  Little sister will open hers after she gets home today. Dad sat right beside the birthday boy to help him with the gifts and the "thank yous" 

This is the "Miss middle child" who has a summer birthday. She did not hesitate a moment to let GG know how old she is. It was a fun day for friends to eat and visit together. Some of the parents grew up together, went to school together, went to church together or all three. It was a joy for this grandma to have sweet memories of the birthday kiddo's daddy when he was a tiny little boy. 

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