Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cross Country, Al's Nursery and The Mason Jar

This past Monday I saw this post on my Face book Page from my Pastor's Daughter who is attending Corban University in Salem.HELLO FRIENDS!
Invitation!! This Saturday I would love to see some of your faces at my XC meet here in Salem!
When: September 30th (Saturday) @10AM
(race starts at 11AM)
Where: Bush Park (Salem Oregon)
I never gave it another thought until about 10:00PM Friday night... "Well now" I thought to myself. I had only driven to Salem twice and that was to the fairgrounds. I looked at my iPhone Maps and the address of Bush Park looked "doable" So I texted my friend Ruthie and asked her if she would like to ride along with me and she said sure. We got there with no problem at all. But getting there wasn't the problem. It was after we got there.  There was no place to park. There were runners from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana and Lots of big buses. A Salem Parks Dept truck pulled up and told us if we would leave the park turn left and go to the second light and turn left again, there was an almost empty parking lot and a lot closer to the stadium and track area. Great!! Next, how would I ever find my friends. No problem..... There was a couple walking next to us so I asked "you wouldn't happen to be here for the Corban team would you?" 
And sure enough they were, and knew where they were going. So they welcomed us to follow them. Bingo! There were our friends right in front of us, and an even better surprise was, Ruthie saw friends there that  she hadn't seen in a long time. What a fun time it was.

After the meet we were headed back to our car and came upon this group.....which happened to be the girls team from Corban University. They were having prayer. So we respectfully waited until they were finished and I got the biggest hug from my friends daughter.

Al's Nursery and Gifts in Woodburn was right on our way home. How convenient right?

They had it all. Fall, Halloween and Christmas

The above pictures were all inside. Then we went out to the next part of the nursery. Plants, bushes, flowers 

Weird Looking Pumpkins

Even the little birds enjoyed the straw and seeds on the ground

Lots of Ornamental Peppers. I always find walking through nurseries calming and peaceful..... and fun.

It was after 3:00 when we got back to Estacada and I hadn't eaten since breakfast. So we decided to have a late lunch/early supper at The Mason Jar, A Gathering Place

Good Food, Great Service and a great place to meet friends for a bite to eat. Right downtown Estacada.
Well that's all for now.

  • I'll love you for ever and for always
    Your Betty Girl

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Walk Down The Path On A Beautiful Fall Evening

Before I start my blog I want to share a couple of pictures. In my last blog I shared with you that my son David was taking care of my roses and showed you how beautiful the yellow roses were. Since then, my Mr. Lincoln has started blooming again.
 This is the Mr. Lincoln. I can almost smell the fragrance.
And here  are both the bushes together. Thank you again David for taking such good care of them. In a few weeks I will cut them back (so we can get them in the car) and bring them back to my place.
Yesterday I received a text from David and Jennifer along with this picture. "Look what the stork brought"  This is Harry. He's a three or four month old mix of Pit bull and American Bull Dog. They didn't waste any time either. Harry starts obedience training school on the 3rd of Oct. 
Now on to my blog for this evening.
Meet my friend and neighbor Laura  Laura has lots of reasons NOT  to smile but I don't think anyone has ever told her and if they did I don't think she'd believe them. It is pure joy and sometimes a little craziness to  be  around her. Never a dull moment. This evening we went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and to see if we could see any wild life.  There were plenty of birds singing, and as we were almost finished with our walk she said "listen".... The Coyotes off in the distance were making their presence known.  Laura can make that "machine" she's sitting in go places I don't dare to walk!! She even picks blackberries in it. Tonight I held my breath because I thought she was going to tip it over. Nope. Not Laura. She had me laughing so hard. It's scary how well she operates that "go chair". It's heavy duty, made to be used outside. So for the rest of my blog, please enjoy the pictures of how the Lord has blessed my life by giving me such a beautiful place to live.

Laura has a beautiful Nikon CoolPix p900.83x zoom. 16.2 pixels. (Thanks for that info Laura)
 So she's taking pictures with that while I'm taking pictures with my iPhone. I have a smaller Nikon CoolPIx but it needs to be charged up and I only have two hands...right? I need one for my cane and the other to hold the camera/phone.


Sometimes, weeds can be just plain beautiful.
Thank you for joining us on our evening walk. Bye for now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

Monday, September 18, 2017

Short Post - Picking Up The Needles Again

I enjoy crocheting and a couple years ago learned to knit. It helped pass the time in the waiting room while Joe was having CatScan's, MRI's and other procedures and the year of sitting with him in the chemo lounge while he was getting infusions. When he died, I laid my needles down and didn't pick them up again until.....this evening. It just seemed like the plastic jar sitting by my chair that held the yarn was saying to me "pick up the needles and start knitting". I did and wonderful, I remembered how. I am looking forward to a  cozy fall and winter sitting in front of my fireplace knitting dish clothes. For now, I have no interest in making anything else. I only make white ones made with white cotton yarn. They wash up nice and can also be purexed.
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  • I'll love you for ever and for always
    Your Betty Girl

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I'm "Awake" And On The Mend

Two weeks ago today I developed a fever and abdominal pain. Blood work indicated an infection somewhere. A CatScan was ordered and the results came back on the good side. The high fever came down, and eventually the pain subsided  and the low grade fever hung on for the next two weeks. I didn't have an appetite and all I wanted to do was sleep. Slowly I started feeling better. A generalized weakness persisted but Thursday the results from the last blood draw showed all was within normal range. (which is also an answer to prayers because I don't do well with most antibiotics that could be used).  I still deal with the low grade fever in the mornings and evenings, but I'm not sleeping as much and I'm working on getting my energy back. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and well wishes. 

Thursday eve my daughter in law and granddaughter spent a few hours visiting with me and playing SkipBo. It was good to feel like having company again.

Last month when I did some traveling I took the plants from my Secret Garden over to my sons. Last evening I stopped by to see the roses. Oh my goodness. So beautiful. Joe bought this rose bush at Al's in Woodburn and I worked really hard to save it this last winter. Looks like I did a pretty good job. The rose bush next to the yellow one is my Mr. Lincoln. I bought it at High School Pharmacy in Estacada earlier this spring. It is doing pretty good too. It has three buds on it. Sometime in October my friend Ruth and I will go back over and she will cut them both back for the winter and David will put them in his car and bring them back over here to me. Right now they are too tall to get in the car. I'm not going to "do" flowers next year. I have places I want to go and people I want to see and I don't want to be tied down with pretty flowers to keep watered and fed.

After enjoying my roses and David and Jennifer's beautiful back yard, Ruth and I enjoyed a Southern Gospel concert by The Liberty Quartet Joe and I both really enjoyed this type of gospel music and first heard this group in Benson, Az some years ago. If you like this type of music and they are in your area, I highly recommend them to you. 

Even though the smoke from the forest fires comes and goes, I feel fall is in the air. So this afternoon I pulled some of my fall decor down from the shelves in my closet and did a little "decorating." Candy corn fills this little basket.

The window behind my table is large enough to serve as a shelf. So it was fun to put a few things there rather than on the table. The table runner is easily removed so I can write, play games or put a puzzle together on it.

This stand is right by my glider chair. It has one drawer to put my "stuff" in and when the doors are opened in the front it reveals two deep drawers and they are both full of favorite DVD'S I couldn't part with after Joe died. The scarf  on top of the stand, is made from rug type material.We bought it in Los Algadones  one year while we were staying in Pilot Knob, CA. After I finished putting the "prettys" out, I sat down and had myself a "hanky soaking" cry. Sad that Joe wasn't here to enjoy the decorating. Then I wiped my eyes and sat and thought about it all and smiled. If he was here, we would be on our way to the desert by now. I only decorated when we were home taking care of his mom and then the last year while he was so sick.  The 22nd of next month will be a year since he entered into the presence of the Lord. He loved the old hymns of the church but I imagine I can also hear him singing this song too......Better is One Day in Your Courts
Bye for now

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl