Monday, April 17, 2017

Yet Another First

April the giraffe FINALLY, had her baby Saturday morning April 15th. It's a boy. It was amazing being able to watch the birth via live stream. The giraffe's home is in Harpursville, New York. It's name will be determined by a contest being held by Animal Adventure Park. I have to admit I was pretty much glued to the TV the last week of April the giraffe's pregnancy so now I'm catching up on much needed sleep. 
I'm not one to routinely visit cemeteries, but it was a beautiful day Saturday before Easter so  I took a drive up to Willamette National Cemetery where Joe is buried. He always laughed that if that fir tree ever came down he'd never be able to find Rai, his late wife's grave..and now his also.   I have to admit it does help me but I also know exactly where it is

The grounds were beautifully groomed but still very wet and mushy.

My sweet apartment was decorated with flowers and cards from family and friends. It was a beautiful Easter.

My Easter Sunday morning started with attending a Sunrise service at Happy Valley Baptist Church at 7:00 A.M. This was the beautiful scene I saw at 6:15 A.M. as I unlocked the gate to leave.

And driving down the highway the beauty continued with the sunrise and Mt. Hood. After the  sunrise service, followed by breakfast at my church then Sunday School and Church, I visited with some very special friends staying over a couple of days at Fairview RV Park before heading on to their next destination.

This is Toby. Toby "owns" this coach. I'm not a great lover of dogs, but this one I am. Shhhh I don't think he knows he's a dog.

One of Toby's favorite things to do... watch out the window.

All you have to do is say the word "kitty"  and his up and looking...

And meet my friends Scott and Lois. I agree Scott, the visit wasn't long enough but I was thrilled for the time I had with you two..excuse me, the three of you. Thanks for the game of Fast Track and for helping get my car ready to have the bumper attached. (May 3rd) 

And Lois, thank you again for the girl talk time. It really helped me. I'll be keeping your sister in my prayers. October can't come fast enough. See you then.
So Saturday will be six months . Six long months that I've been a widow. It's still difficult to even say that word. But  never the less it's a fact. Looking back I think I'm doing pretty good. I still have my "sad" days, sometimes with no warning the tears will come. But I wipe them away and move on. I'm getting to know my church family better, and am starting to go and enjoy the activities there.  Financial situations that I worried about are no longer keeping me awake. I take life one day at a time thanking the Lord in the morning for that day asking Him to show me how He can use me and in the evenings I thank him for his watch care over me .
Bye For now

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

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