Friday, March 31, 2017

Tulips And Mud

Today was a truly awesome, wonderful day. I spent the whole day with my daughter . We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn. I have been there many times, but she had never been there and I was so excited to be able to share the beauty of the fields with her. As we drove in there was the usual long lines of cars and Senior Resident buses waiting to pay their $5.00 per person fee. Now that is a reasonable parking fee to see fields and fields of vibrant, colored tulips.... 
 The fields were there but where were the vibrant colored tulips?

In Pots. Huge Pots. And they were beautiful.
I had checked the weather forcast before I left and was happy to see no rain for today. But something told me it would be wise to bring our boots.....Boy did that pay off!!!

I spoke to one of the employees there. They said because of all the cold weather and all the rain the fields were not only late in blooming, there was mud and water everywhere. 

Signs asked that guest walk on the large path ways not between the rows of tulips.... "mom which side of the creek do you want to walk on"?

The flowers that were in bloom were beautiful. 

This dog was adorable. He was obedient and fun. We asked if we could take his picture and they said sure. They told him to smile and sure enough..........check out the smile.

Aren't we glad we brought our boots?   Oh, yeah!!!!!

This high platform is so you can get a broad view from high up 

After we finished in the fields we went back to the car and changed out of our boots back into shoes to visit the vendors and gift shop. Each year the equipment is placed different places in the fields. I loved the truck was right by the door of the gift shop this year.  Notice I'm behaving myself and using my cane.......

And I'm not using it here? Well I had Sheila beside me so I laid the cane on the bench right in front of me, and walked off and left it.

From there we went to get a snack. Sheila said she hadn't had an Elephant ear in years. I solved that right away!!! We people watched, enjoyed the clouds going away and and the sun coming out. When we were finished I went to pick up my cane.....oh no. I don't like having to use that thing in the first place and true to "Lucy" form I've lost it. We went to the office and reported it as lost and continued on enjoying the potted flowers. I did feel really bad though because that was my mom's cane.

As we came around the corner to go into the gift shop. There was that truck and then I remembered. Yep, the cane was sitting there patiently waiting for me. Off we went into the gift shop. Me and my cane. That's like a bull in a china shop. I tried really hard to keep it close to me and move slowly. But the bottom of the cane hit a corner of something on the floor... I stopped.....held my breath and eased my way around the next corner. Nothing broke or moved. Whew..

We enjoyed the rest of the shopping time, and got out of there with everything in tact. 

More signs of spring
 It was a wonderful, beautiful day. Sunshine, beautiful flowers and being with my daughter. A mom can't ask for much more than that.  I and a friend are going back there in a couple of weeks to meet our friends and we have been assured, unless weather gets freaky, the fields will be in full color. We'll see.

Bye For Now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Camera And I Went For A Walk

The weather hasn't been so good for walking lately. Oh I suppose I could have put on a rain coat and my boots and an umbrella, but I didn't. So today even though 

the clouds looked ominous I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

I wish I could capture the songs of the the birds. 

So Peaceful, I practice deep breathing when  I'm walking, if I remember. In through the nose hold it, hold it..... out through the mouth.

Lots of rain means lots of moss. So soft.

Oh the stories that old truck could tell if only it could talk.....

I'm suppose to be using my cane when I'm walking but it's a little difficult to do that and take pictures too. I suppose maybe there's a little rebellion there too. I just don't feel like I need a cane, but PT folks think I do. The balance just isn't there like it use to be.  I haven't fallen yet, but I don't want there to be a first time either.

There are two of these very small, abandoned nests. I enlarged it but I'm sure thinking it's a hummingbirds nest. I remember one winter at Desert Pools in Desert Hot Springs, a momma hummingbird built her nest in the corner of the chain link fence around the pickle ball court.... and she would dive bomb the players if she felt they were to close to her nest. We got to see those eggs hatch and see the tiny babies. So fun.  I tried to bring up one of the pictures but I'm thinking I took them off and there on a CD now.  I'm going to be putting out my hummingbird feeders this weekend.

Just walking along enjoying the quietness and the day

This old barn is on a cement foundation

I have no idea what this is. Just a pretty weed.

Big bad clouds sure make for beautiful sunsets.

Tomorrow promises to be a nice day with no rain

I have the pillows on my glider and a pot of pretty flowers beside it. Finally found a cover to protect it from the rain. It doesn't quite fit but it does the job. I'm hoping to pull it off this weekend and enjoy some more outdoor time reading and gliding. :)

I've been waiting for this for a week and it finally arrived yesterday. A blogger friend of mine, Nancy, has nothing but wonderful things to say about it and my friend Neila uses hers all the time. I'm still reading the manual, a little apprehensive about it. I was always afraid of my grandma's old pressure cooker. But this seems like a very simple appliance to use and will certainly cut the cook time. I may get rid of my rice cooker now, but not my crock pot. I need that for potlucks.
Tomorrow is a very special day so I will be posting again, unusual for me but oh so worth it. So until then.....
Bye For Now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Get Away

Joe,today is five months that you have been gone. I still miss you more than all my words can tell you but I am beginning to adjust to the single life again. I do pretty good during the day but the nights are still tough and coming home to an empty house after I've been gone for a week isn't easy either. There are still lots of tears, but at least I'm not "bleeding" all over everyone now with those tears. It's more like a pressure cooker. The tears come, and when they quit I wipe my eyes, blow my nose and get on with living. I'm laughing and smiling more too. I'm still trying to figure out where I fit in, what I want to do with my life now. A couple of weeks ago I helped out in the nursery at church during a memorial service. I felt useful again. 

Please click on pictures to enlarge
Last Monday, I took the train to Tacoma 

Where I met up with my sister  and sister in law and we headed for Ocean Shores for a few days. 

We were greeted by deer in the parking lot.

They are definitely not shy. This one would have come in if I opened the door. 

Shopping for groceries .....well it looks more like snacks, because except for breakfast we ate out. 

The deer "own" Ocean Shores.... they are not in a hurry. You wait for them.

Regular as clock work they arrive in the morning for handouts and then again about 4 in the evening. We didn't feed them, but they sure knew who did. Sometimes they stood there looking up at the balcony waiting for the guests to appear on the deck with snacks for them.

It rained most of the time we were there but we were cozy and warm inside. The girls were able to walk on the beach a couple of times.

Yeah, I claim these goofy ladies, in fact I love them a lot. They are pulling down the Murphy bed, Bless their hearts.  They are both widows. My sisters husband died 18 years ago and my brother, my sis in laws husband, died in 2004 three months before I married Joe. They are full of compassion and understanding and are doing a great job of helping me become a widow with grace too. 

Unfortunately, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning I had severe IBS symptoms which sort of put a blanket on my having too much fun. But with all the windows it was beautiful to just sit and watch. I didn't know the Ocean had so many colors. From blue, to sea foam green, to blue/black when it was stormy. . By Thursday Morning I was feel much better but still weak in the knees. 

And this was the view out the window the morning we left.  Beautiful. It rained hard through Hoquiam and Aberdeen. When we got on I-5 traffic, according to the news, all lanes, were backed up twelve miles!!! Jan felt we needed to get off the freeway and get gas. Trying to get back on was a nightmare but eventually we made it home. Our sister in law though, was a different story. We put took her to the train station thinking she would only have an hour wait...WRONG.... The bus she had to take to Seattle was stuck in the traffic. When she finally boarded the bus, the driver took the wrong exit and  that delayed them even longer. She finally got to the train in Seattle and home a little after MIDNIGHT!!! 

A trip to my sisters isn't complete with out a visit to The Cannery and the Old Cannery Fudge Shop. This old couple "talks" when you walk by them and they are dressed for every occasion

Sister was enjoying the beautiful quilt there.

And as we do when I'm there, she took me for a nice ride again. Check out this tree trunk.

After Church Sunday, my nephew  and his family invited us to go to Sammamish, Wash. with them to watch their daughter play soccer. The game ended in a tie. Oh, did you figure out from the picture that it was REALLY cold? A nice day, but brrrrrr.

On the way to the train station Monday, we stopped at the store and bought some daffodils and then went to the Sumner Cemetery to place the flowers on our mom and brother's graves and on my son's grave. The above statue marks the place of Baby land. My son died 10 days before his first birthday 53 years ago. 

My mom is buried right across the driveway from my son. I know, the flowers look sparse, but there is actually nine daffodils in each vase. Six of them haven't opened yet. We planned it that way.

And our brother is buried in a different section but in the same cemetery. We both have numerous extended family members and friends  buried in this cemetery.

My train ride home was uneventful. Nice sunny day until about half way home when it started raining. Still the countryside was beautiful. Lots of standing water, you could see where the slides were that  stopped train travel for a few days, and beautiful green, green fields. I was so tired when I got home. I didn't unpack until this morning. I had a day of errands to run so stopped for lunch at Shari's in Milwaukie. The ducks and geese think they own the property. They are messy but fun to watch.

They park it too... where ever they want.

I walked by this one and he turned his head around, looked at me, and tucked his head right back in his wing.

If you don't already know, this Honda is MY car. I do have a back up camera but they didn't even move when I started the car.   No Fear...

Bye For Now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl