Thursday, February 16, 2017

It Was A Very Good Day

Earlier this week I posted the following on Facebook:
I'm watching "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" and it makes me smile and laugh. Jesus Loves me, My Family Loves Me, My friends Love me, .........and I love me. Yes, I Love Valentines Day...Joe knew I loved Pearls, but I always told him no I didn't need them... Well guess what I'm getting me from Him for Valentines Day.... I'm going to Crown Jewelers tomorrow and picking up my new (small) pearl earrings . Thank you honey.
So my dear Joe, I kept that appointment at Crown Jewelers. These are the pearl earrings I chose. It truly was a week of love and I felt very loved. The morning of Valentines Day I was up early to return an item at Fred Meyers. While there I stopped at  the Starbucks in the store and bought a small latte. The young Barista  asked me if I was having a nice Valentines day. I said I was. I told her it was my first Valentine Day with out the love of my life but I knew I was loved by a lot of family and friends. She finished my drink and instead of putting it on the counter, she came around handed it to me with a HUGE "grandma hug" and gave me a card for a free drink of any size and a bag with two cake pops in it. Believe it or not I was speechless. After a nice thank you, I took just a few steps from there and saw a lady frantically laying things from her purse on an empty table....I thought to myself "now that looks like something I would do if I had "lost" my keys"  Just as I stepped along side her to ask if there was anything I could do to help, she got a huge smile on her face as she held up her car keys. We had a fun conversation about how I got the name "Lucy"  from you......and had a few more laughs we said goodbye. I noticed she hadn't put her debit/credit card back in her wallet. So I shared another "Lucy" story with her telling her how I promised you I wouldn't leave the counter in the future until it was back in my wallet and back in my purse. Before she took another step she put her card where it belonged.  My heart was happy. I received Valentine cards from friends and a beautiful long stemmed red rose with a note attached from dear friends reminding me how much I was loved.  It truly was a day of love for me.  
P.S. The card we give each other every year.... is in its proper place where I can see it everyday and everyday I feel your love.

In closing, my blogger friends, I wanted to share this. I love music and I love children. Put those together with one of my favorite songs ..... WOW!!

Bye for now
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl


  1. So thankful you had a good day. As much as i tell myself it's a commercial holiday it still hurts a little not getting a card or flowers. But i too am loved, thanks for the reminder.

  2. Looks like a very nice Valentines Day you had. And love the pearl Earrings.

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful, thoughtful young lady. She showed Christ's compassion. If only we all would remember that love can conquer all!
    Beautiful video!

  4. You did have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I write this with tears flowing. You are so inspiring Betty and I love hearing how God
    is walking right beside you during this painful journey you are in. May you continue to feel God's love and the love of others!