Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Beautiful Ride To Church Today

Hi my love,
As usual I'm Multi Tasking.... working on my blog and watching the Seahawks a the same time. 
You and I always prayed before starting the car no matter where we went. But today was a particular good day to do that.
Jan is a very good driver but asking God for protection while on the highway is also a very good, that's not us. Probably happened last night.

The roads weren't too bad, and the scenery was beautiful. You would have been so proud of me. No jumping. Not even once. Didn't even have to sit on my hands..... Yeah, I know you're smiling.

But I've been working really hard on trusting God to take care of me. Why pray if I'm not going to trust Him after I ask Him to.... right?

By the time church was over, the roads were pretty much clear.  The service was wonderful and afterward, there was a "Tailgate Party" in the foyer with Frito Pie..... Fritos covered with chili and shredded cheese and lettuce on top, and coolers full of Soda and water. Nice prelude to a great game...... Seahawks did it again. 
It's been a wonderful two weeks with Jan. Christmas has come and gone and it's a new year and time to go home. I'll walk in the door and you won't be there. There may even be some tears. But I know those are a healing agent.  Like Kelly told me last night, "it's hard to look forward to something you can't share with dad."  But In my heart I will be sharing with you. I will put all my words in my journal. You know how writing  helps me. You taught me so much not by words but by your actions. I will try hard to use less words and do more on the action side. Don't know how that will look yet but with the Lord in control I'm sure I'll figure it out. 

Goodbye for now my love
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

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  1. That was a nice Seahawks game!!!!! We watched it together!!