Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Walk Around Another Lake

Hi Babe, I went walking again with Jan. This time we walked down to Allen York Park.... Part of  Lake Tapps... On the way there we passed  by lake Jane. You know, we've been there many times. This little guy wasn't afraid of people.  Just eating along the sidewalk.

This is an eagle nest. There were a couple of "eaglets" this year.  The tree is in a parking lot across from the Lake.  The lake is starting to go down as it does every winter.

Please click on picture to enlarge

There have been times especially in the summer when you and I have been down there and there were people and cars and boats everywhere.  Today.....nothing. A few people running or walking there dogs.

You know how I like to make up stories about things I see.  This one has it's own story. The owner lives across the street from the dock and is an acquaintance of Jan's. This is one of the regular walks Jan has taken over the years.

Standing on one of the docks, this is the view to the right....

and to the left.

We had the intention of seeing a lot of geese and ducks on our walk but not this time.....until we got to the very end where we turn around and head back. If you look real close there are a some way in the back.

So today my Fitbit HR is looking more like it should.  9,056 steps. The walk was 3.2 miles and I have been moving some this afternoon and this evening.  "Baby Steps" I'm calling them.  Sleeping better, exercising more, back to my regular Bible reading, (I'm in Isaiah now). Still doing it the way we were before you got so sick....... Open the app on my phone, turn on the bluetooth and follow along in my Bible.  I read somewhere a Godly man told someone "No Bible No Breakfast" and that is the way I do it.  Get ready for the day, read my Bible, then it's breakfast time.
I'm still missing you more than any of my words I have. I miss your hugs, your smile, your snuggles. I miss our rides and so much more.   Jan has been taking me for a ride each day all week. It's been fun but by the time Monday gets here I'll be ready to head back home.

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl