Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Walk In Bradley Lake Park Puyallup, Washington

Hi Honey, Today Jan asked me if I would like to go for a walk in Bradley Lake Park. As far as I know you had never been there and neither had I. This is only the 2nd nice day in the almost two weeks I've been here so I said "sure why not" You would have loved it. Friendly bushy tailed squirrels, all kinds of birds, the lake is stocked with trout. Only dock or bank fishing no motor boats.  It's right off Highway 512 on South Hill.
(for my blogger friends, please click on the pictures to enlarge)

I was very impressed that the park is easy access from the parking lot and the children's play ground is access friendly to all. 

Even the tiny kiddos

The pathways are all paved.

I talked to this guy asking him if he catches and releases or was he fishing for his supper and his answer was he takes his limit home.  Nice pan size and some larger sometimes.

I am going to let most of these pictures speak for themselves. I love how trees root themselves into the ground.

These little guys are every where and aren't afraid of people. They were waiting for a handout and it didn't take too long. A gentleman gave him his snack of bread.

Unless the wind lays the trees across the path, they are left where they fall.

Can anyone tell me what these little white spongy balls on the bare limbs are?

Nancy these reflection pictures were taken with you in mind.

She got up there and then realized her arms weren't as strong as they use to be...yeah, she got down just fine.

I thought this was very interesting. Wonder how this park will look in 125 years......

This is the whole play ground from a distance

I guess this is called "monkey see, monkey do"

On the way home we sometimes go via the Orting Highway and Jan has said more than once I wish I could get a picture of this finished corn field and the way the wind has blown the stalks around. So today we did just that and I even managed with out trying, to get Mt. Rainier in the distance.

This was taken on the way home also today. I love old abandoned houses and barns, but two right next to each other?  I wish houses could talk. Bet they would have a story to tell.

We were on Highway 410 on our way to Fred Meyers in Bonney Lake and I couldn't resist taking just one more picture of the mountain I grew up with.

Well my love, that was my day today. It was a good one. I only wish you could have been here with me. But in a way you were. Everything I saw I knew you would have loved. It would have taken longer to get around the lake because you would probably have stopped to pet every dog and there was a lot of them.  You would have told me you were going to bring your fishing gear next time and I'd bring my chair so I could sit and read while you fished off the dock.  Good memories today. Only once did  my eyes start leaking. I was sitting, alone in the green chair in the living room and that was the key word. I'm still trying to get past the pain of knowing you aren't coming back. So I packed up the computer and went down stairs with Jan. All is well. You, Aunt Irene, Uncle Wesley and the other relatives  must be having a celebration this evening. Aunt Marlene called and told me your Aunt Sally joined you sometime around 4:00pm this afternoon. Sad for us remaining here, but joy for you and the family there.

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl