Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Little Bit Of Everything Today

My Dear Joe. Today Jan and I went to South Hill Mall in Puyallup To the Calendar Store so she could get a particular calendar she gets every year. It was a fun store. Funny how just some little thing can blind sight you and bring tears or a little ache in your heart when the love of your life is gone.  Today it was a small pocket calendar. I said to Jan as we were leaving the store, "I won't be needing to get him his pocket calendar anymore will I." One more thing to put on my year of "firsts"  I miss you so much.

You know this story but I'm going to blog it for our friends. I like to sit at the dining room table at Jan's house because this is the view. She puts out bread crumbs in the morning. First it's the little black cap chickadee's at the buffet table, then comes Mr. Bushy Tail Squirrel. And if he gets there, and the food isn't out yet, he'll just sit there and stare at the sliding glass door until she brings out the meal.

Then he may eat one or two but shortly scampers away to bury it in one of her wooden flower planters or in the ground.  After awhile, and he's a polite litte squirrel, he leaves some for the RUDE

BIG BLACK CROWS. They come zooming in like black jets trying to scare the squirrel but the just runs off and lets them have it.

Jan and I both like to play games and tonight it was a game of Skip-o...and yes, I won. She wanted to play Fast Track but I didn't bring it with me because already I can't remember how to play it. Playing games without you isn't the same either but I know better than to just stop doing everything we loved doing together.  When Jim and Neila get back Neila told me we would play games again to help me remember how to play. I especially want to remember how to play the "No Name Game"  and Tens.

Today on the way home from the trip to the mall, Jan showed me a place about 10 minutes from her house that  we  had heard about but had never had seen.

Victor Falls.  Such a beautiful, peaceful place. I wish the picture showed the trees and moss as green as they really are. And Vic and Judy if you are reading this, It made me think of you.

This is the history of this little place. Click to enlarge. It is well worth taking the time to read.
Jan has a black jacket like this and while we were at the mall we went to Penny's and I got one too. A huge percentage off. It is a  packable puffer jacket with a hood  and so lite. I know, I have way to many jackets for the desert so I'm sending them off to Jan's church clothes closet. I only need one for church and one for everyday. This is a good walking coat for me too. It seems, from distant weather forecasts that I will be coming home to very cold weather again.It was snowy and icy when I left.
Well another day is drawing to a close and New Years Eve will soon be here. I wish you knew that I am starting to sleep better. I'm actually sleeping 3-4 hours  at a time now and getting up about 8:30 in the morning.  I'm working hard on establishing new routines. I'm giving myself permission to cry when I need to cry. It was a really hard year honey, for both of us. It makes my heart feel good to know you are happy, and healthy now.I guess crying when I think of painful memories and smiles and happy knowing you are well and with so many loved ones now is a good balance for me. 


I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl