Thursday, December 22, 2016

Another First.........Christmas 2016

Usually blogging comes easy for me. But  for some reason, I'm really having trouble with this one tonight. Maybe it's because it was two months ago today you went to be with Jesus or Maybe it's because another "first" is coming up...Christmas. 
So my beloved Joe, Monday, I took the train to Tacoma where Jan met me and brought me to her home in Bonney Lake for the holidays. I thought that would be helpful until the garage door opened and I got out of her myself. The last time I was here it was You and me. I opened the door to the bedroom I would be in for the next couple of myself. The same room you and I shared for the last twelve years when we came to see Jan. But I am happy to say that after the first couple of nights I got past that and I'm sleeping my usual routine, waking every 2-3 hours but going right back to sleep.

We decided to have lunch at the Buttered Biscuit Cafe in Sumner, WA 
Jan had a Reuben sandwich and it came with a large green salad.  She took home half the sandwich which gave her two more lunch meals. Way to much food. I had biscuits and gravy which was also a very large portion.

Another day we decided to "do" Sumner. One of our favorite outings when we are together. Both sides of the street are boutique shops and antique stores.
You were always so patient with us. I remember one time you went over to our friends Vic and Judy's and played Pickleball with them while Jan and I shopped.

I'm working, this Christmas especially, on my thankful list. And when ever something that reminds me of you makes me sad, I deliberately try to think of something we did together that has special memories and makes me smile. Sometimes I'm smiling through tears but this too passes.

Jan knows my hurts herself because December 26th will be 18 years that Bob died suddenly. She knows how to laugh and even though she doesn't try most of the time, she makes me laugh or at least smile too. 

Remember  her famous hand dipped chocolate peanut butter balls? You should. You ate enough of them.... This girl loves to bake and cook and I am  trying to be careful though because I have my regular blood work for the diabetic A/1c check done the day after I come home.

 I'm going to leave these thoughts for a while and move on to something Jan shared with me.


My Mother's Apron

My mother's old checkered apron was a garment full and wide:
It filled its humble mission, and a million more beside....
“Twas made of 6-cent gingham, it was neither fine nor grand,
Just a plain and simple pattern made by a busy hand:
It had a little cross-stitch along the bottom row
And two long strings that tied behind 
in a hasty half-hitch bow.
It had no lace or ruffles, nor pretty applique',
But its simple, homey usefulness was an epic of the day.
“Twas used to shoo the flies
“Twas used to wipe away the tears, from weeping infant's eyes,
“Twas used to carry in the eggs, in leafy bowers,
And bring in half-drowned chicks caught in sudden showers.
“Twas used to fill the kindling box with chips of cobs and twigs,
And tote the pesky pursley weed from garden to the pigs
“Twas used to snatch the hot kettles
When a pot rag was not at hand,
To tighten on fruit jar lids when winter stores were canned.
“Twas used to gather garden stuff and peaches from the hill,
And many a mess of greens did mother's apron fill.
Her hands were sheltered from the gale beneath the sheltered fold
And tiny feet nestled there on mornings bleak and cold.
“Twas a queenly garment and Mother was queen,
As memory brings back to me, 'twas a noble thing, I ween;
And when I wander at Heaven's throng, with robes so bright and fair
I'll say the old checkered apron Is what I want to wear.
-Author Unknown

Janice has worn aprons while working in the kitchen since she was a little girl, and our mother did also. Over the years Jan has acquired over a hundred aprons; some fancy others just everyday work aprons. Here are a few of her special ones. She is wearing one of her favorites and holding her favorite Christmas Apron. 

This is a fancy one

A dressy little child's apron

This was mom's apron. One that Jan and I can remember her wearing for over 70 years. Her and dad owned Waterer Feed and Fuel in Eatonville in the late 40's and early 50's. Mom said women would come in to the feed store with their husbands and choose their sacks of feed to match material they already had or wanted.  She said many times she saw her feed sacks "going down the street" in dresses and kids clothes 

And the apron tradition goes on. Jan's granddaughter is ready to help her grandma make hand dipped chocolate peanut butter balls.

I want to wind down my blog by showing some of my sisters Christmas decorations. I have so enjoyed them!

So there you are my love. My first Christmas without you will soon be in the past. I wish I could know how you will be celebrating the birth of our Savior and soon coming King. I do want you to know as much as I am missing you I am so thankful you are no longer in pain. If you eat and drink there, I'm thankful that you can do that again with out it making you so sick. I see you in my mind as once again being the strong, handsome man that I first met, enjoying being in the presence of our Lord. 

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl