Monday, December 5, 2016

The First Snow

Dear Joe, 
Remember your answer in one of our talks when I was asking you what type of tires I should get when the snows come?  You said "none! You need to just stay home"  ( He knew my driving skills much better than I did)

Well the first snow is here. It's beautiful. But I am true to my word and the car is staying put in the driveway. Yes, the tears are here again. Another first with out you.  You hated being cold, and even though you are not there but are where it is nice and beautiful with Jesus, it saddens me to think you are buried in that cold, snowy cemetery.
That's why we liked being in the desert in October right? Totally avoided the snow. 

 Its so peaceful to just stand at the kitchen sink looking out the window at the beautiful, peaceful, clean, white snow. 
I'll love you for ever and always
Your Betty Girl