Friday, November 18, 2016

Perfect Timing

Today was probably the hardest day I've had since Joe died. I'm not going to go in to details but my platter is so full. My grandson and son came to the house this afternoon and took care of some pressing issues that required immediate attention. I'll be so glad when the house closes and I'm all moved in. Anyway, the reason for today's blog is to tell another story of God's perfect timing. I was overwhelmed just standing in the living room by myself crying,wishing for the moment, Joe was here and none of this was happening, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door an there stood a FedEx man with a large, long flower box from Amazon. I asked him who it was from and he told me he didn't know but maybe there would be a card inside and he left. I closed the door, took the box in the kitchen, tears blinding my eyes, and once the box was open there was a beautiful boquet of flowers. The above picture is of the flowers. white roses, Lilys and stock with red berries. I searched the box looking for a card so I could thank the giver. But no card. I called my son still crying, telling him about the flowers with no card. He told me "Mom, sometimes the giver of a gift does it not wanting to be thanked." So I will accept that answer but I hope and pray one day that giver will know their timing of sending tbose beautiful flowers was perfect.  Tonight I'm resting in my glider chair processing the events of today. Trying to learn to set aside the things I can't control..remembering how many times I've been reminded God's got it and HE'S in control.  Will I ever learn?