Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Went To A Wedding Saturday

Joe's Son Rob married the love of his life Saturday. The rest of the story will follow shortly. But first, Wednesday morning early,  Joe had a IVC STENT  placed  to prevent blood clots going from his legs to his lungs. We were wondering if that was going to delay us a day or possibly not going to the wedding at all. But the miracle of medicine..... the procedure was an hour and a half, and we were home by 2 in the afternoon. With the exception of not to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for a few days, and to rest  we could have left for Olympia that afternoon if we wanted to the Dr. said. But we were happy knowing we could leave Thursday morning as planned.

Thursday afternoon we arrived at the Governor Hotel in Olympia, our home for the next two nights. Looking out our 7th floor window, look what was right across the street from us. Yes, a Greyhound Bus station, one of the stops on Joe's regular route when he was driving. After a rest, he walked across the street

and the ticket agent there recognized him from when she worked at the Bus Station in Medford.  They had a nice visit, "catching up" on who was still driving and who was now retired.

It was a nice time of special memories for Joe. Of course the buses don't look anything like the "old Greyhounds". But the Dog remains the same.

Our friend Ruthie joined us for the trip to Olympia. She had the room right next to us and daughter Kelly was right across the hall from us. So it was only natural to have a good game of "Tens" that evening before bedtime.

Friday Morning we walked over to the church where the kids were getting married the next day. Time to decorate during the day, and rehearsal that evening.

Joe and his son Rob and daughter Kelly

Kelly has her own business staging homes, and Ruthie, being a pastors wife for over 40 years, both have much experience in decorating for a wedding! And Rob did a big share also decorating the sanctuary. Gloria and her helpers decorated the fellowship hall where the reception was held.

A big hug for Grandpa Joe from granddaughter Joleen for whom she was named after.

Rob taking a break from decorating to spend a few moments with dad

It was a very long day. But the decorating was done, rehearsal was over, we had a bite to eat and I came out of our room to see Kelly and Joleen  zooming down the hall!!!  
Taking a rest before the wedding party arrived for pictures.

Rob giving dad a hand with his tie

L to R    Son in law Hoi, Joe and Rob

Waiting for picture taking time to end and the wedding to start.

L to R:  Wedding coordinator Julie, me and Joe and Pastor Bob who officiated at the kids wedding.

First Look Surprise.....the photographer had Rob turn around until Gloria got up on the platform.

Rob being overwhelmed when he saw Gloria was an understatement. 
Time for Joe to usher me down the isle

Joe giving the minister the rings

While they were lighting the Unity candle Hoi suggested to Joe it would be a good time for him to sit and rest. There was a chair placed there just for that very reason.

You may kiss your bride

The presentation of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graffis

Hoi, Kelly, Joleen and Kevin surrounding grandpa Joe with love.

Joe's cousin Elaine and her husband Bill.

Joe signing on the dotted line confirming that yes, the kids are now officially married!  Good job Pastor Bob.

Heading out to their new life together.  Welcome to our family Gloria!!! 


Once again the Lord answered our prayers. Joe was able to witness the marriage of his son. And for this we are so thankful.