Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Sister Jan, Camping, Fishing, and Pulling Weeds

I want to apologize in advance for the unevenness in my blog today. The fonts have decided they will size and resize themselves on their own.!!!

Meet my sister Janice. She is six years younger than me. She came to visit us this past week to camp with us and do a little fishing while also celebrating our birthdays with us. We camped again at Barton Park East in the same spot. We knew she would love it. Blackberries every where. And sure enough she didn't disappoint us.  She had fresh blackberries every day we were there.

Jan also has a great sense of humor. She knows the true meaning of "laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone". Her husband died suddenly the day after Christmas 1998. She knows the ache and pain of being alone. But she also knows the joy and peace that comes from the Lord. She has been not only my sister but a sister who I will let "kick me in the fanny" when she thinks I need it.  She makes me laugh, she cries with me but doesn't let me stay there. One day years ago, when I was going through a very dark and difficult time in my life, we were on a walk and I was having more than a few tears. She said something like this. "Betty stop". I did. She said "listen you can't even hear the birds singing". Don't you know if the Lord takes of the birds He's going to take care of You? (Matthew 6:26) Guess what.....I always hear the birds now.

This is one of many ponds in Barton Park East. The sounds are beautiful there.  Crickets, frogs, butterflies, all kinds of birds.....

Beautiful trees.

Remember I said Jan keeps us smiling?....... we offered her a ladder up to her "bedroom" in our little 23'Class C. Nope!  No ladder for her.  I swear. She's got the body of a 20 year old in that 69 year old body of hers. And a whole lot of "joy of the Lord" too! What a great birthday gift to us...... Her just spending a week with us.

No day is complete when camping until we have had a smore or two.

Saturday, my son David (the fisherman) suggested we meet him, his fiancee Jennifer and my grandson Ryan at Faraday Lake near Estacada for a few hours of fishing

The fish weren't biting, but David had a great visit with his aunt Jan and we all had a good time.

My grandson Ryan is also a great salmon fisherman. He also knows his grandma likes smoked salmon........ It was so nice to get to spend some time with him this day.

The following pictures are of the beautiful Clackamas River near Estacada.

Wednesday was chemo day and also the last day for our beloved Dr. Jingjing Hu, M.D., Joe's Oncologist until January. She is going to be a mommy again. We'll really miss her. In her absence Dr.  Dong Xiang, M.D.(sounds like she-young)   Will take over Joe's care. He has already gone over his records and is very knowledgeable about his case.

This is Kim. It's Kim's smiling face we see when we first walk in the lobby. She hands Joe a list of his meds to  check off whether he has taken them that day, week, month or not at all. She answers the phone when I call. She always has a smile on her face and in her voice.

I think we have now introduced everyone on Joe's Chemo team and if I have left any of you off, please, please let me know. You are all so loved by us and important to us.

Well now. Let's see if I can get through this one with out tears.  Jan and I were passing time Friday, waiting for Joe to finish his chemo treatment. As we sat at a table outside in Portland Medical Center's Meditation Garden, I was able to just be me and talk to her about a lot of things. It is so difficult right now because if I cry, my nose starts bleeding.... it is so bad at times, I carry a medication given to me at Urgent Care to hopefully stop it with out going to ER. Anyway, one of the things bothering me, I told her is  the weeds in our front yard.  Joe prides himself in his beautiful yard. Nary a weed. Beautiful red rock instead of lawns because while we were traveling we didn't want to have to worry about flowers and bushes.  Up until about a month ago, he was able to groom it to his specifications. For as long as I can remember, and my mom has told me even as a little girl, I can't stand "getting my  hands dirty". It's not a germ thing, I just don't like dirt on my hands. And for those of you who are thinking "why doesn't she wear gloves"  I can't pick anything up wearing gloves. I love a pretty yard, but I sure don't like to keep one up.  But on the other hand, I want my Joe to be able to walk outside, sit in the glider and enjoy his yard. As my sister listened, she said something on this order..."Betty, when you pray, why don't you pray and ask God to give you the desire to work in the yard, keeping it beautiful!  When we got home, right away, she was out in the yard, pulling weeds. Jan loves gardening.

Resting after pulling all those weeds and watering the flowers and shrubs. I sure love that girl.
A "Fishy Story"
Monday, we took Jan to one of our favorite fishing places.  Timothy Lake. Another very warm day. Joe was sitting in his chair and his pole at the time was propped up on the deck rail and we were visiting and not paying attention. They guy next to us hollered "Hey, you got a fish on there. It almost pulled your pole in"  Joe jumped up and started reeling it in.  I grabbed the net. Now I have to tell you about that net.  He went shopping for  a fishing net and found one that was about $30 - $40. Cheap me said WHY? Here's one for $12, your fishing for a trout not a salmon!!! So he settled for the smaller one and I'll forever be ashamed and sorry for that for the following reason.  I took the cheap net, and tried to get that very large trout in it. Remember a week or so ago when he caught the 14 inch rainbow trout? Well this one was that big or bigger.  I sort of got the fish in the  net and he twisted and turned himself right out of that net taking Joe's hook, line and sinker with him!!! He never even got a bite after that.  If Joe would have hollered at me or gotten mad at me it would have been so much better, but Joe being Joe never said a word.... I know he was disappointed. And yes, the next time we get to the sporting goods department, he is getting the very net he wanted in the first place and we will go back to Timothy Lake and try it again.

Tuesday was the first day of the Clackamas Country Fair and Rodeo. One of our favorite fairs, second only to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington.
It was a hot day and we were grateful that the entertainer we wanted to see was under the trees where it was a tad cooler.

Her name is Jeanne Coady. As the sign behind her says, she was going to perform songs from the Great American Songbook. We along with our friends were sitting on the front row and she recognized us, not by name, from past years there and came down to greet us before the show started. She said she was going to be doing the Tribute to Patsy Cline the next day and evening but when she found out we couldn't be there because it was chemo day, She said she would be more than happy to sing one just for Joe. Hello....... much to his surprise, she switched her show and did the whole Tribute to Patsy Cline right there and then!!!!  What a wonderful thing for Joe.

My friend Ruthie and my sister Jan enjoying the concert

We were thrilled to have our friends Jim and Neila with us for the day too. And they area also Jeanne Coady fans.
Well this has fast turned into a mini book again. But before I close  guess what.... I was up and at it early this morning.  Outside pulling weeds and watering what few flowers we have..... and listening to the birds singing. I'm finding muscles I never knew I had!!!!Have a wonderful rest of the week and remember to listen to the birds sing.