Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Good Weekend of Horseshoes

Wednesday Joe had Chemo, Friday his pump disconnect and  rehydration IV and look what he was up to Saturday and Sunday!! Can't keep a good man down.
I'm trying to decide if he was holding the pole up or if it was holding him up! He was waiting for his money envelope for winning 2nd place in his division on Saturday.
 I will say when the Saturday Tournament  was over he was "out like a light" in his chair for an hour before going to visit our friends 
 Scott and Lois Siler 

And their dog Toby.
They were doing an over nighter at Fairview RV Park on their way to Coburg to have repairs done to their RV.

Today, Sunday, we were delighted to see Rob and Blanca Hettinga and their little daughter Raine here at the tournament. She was just a few months old the last time we saw her. Blanca's "claim to fame" is she was the Oregon State Women's Horseshoe Champion from2006 through 2011 ! Joe and Rob pitched in the same class today (Joe did beat him (Sorry Rob)


We often hear " We are amazed at Joe's strength and tenacity"  or "Where does he get the strength" to do these things he does.  The only answer we have to give you is Jesus. He is our Strength, our Courage, our Peace and our Comfort. We are thankful for each day.  Just so you know, there ARE days that sometimes "beat us up" but those are the times we know He is as close to us as just breathing His name and we feel His presence. es, we have our tears, and sadness, but again He is there to wipe those tears, and comfort us as we need it.  We just can't thank you enough for all the notes with words of encouragement, the beautiful cards, the emails and texts. You know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Have a great week!!