Thursday, July 21, 2016

Catching Up

June and July has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. I never did like carnival rides and I liked the events of these past couple of months even less. But they are behind us now and with the Lord's help we made it through them.  I will share a few of the lows first.  Joe's tumor marker started to rise again which indicated to his Dr. he needed a change of chemo medication, which was done. After his last Cat Scan a couple of lymph nodes that they knew were already there grew in size. So he had to undergo a biopsy of them to see if it was the same cancer as the  colon or a second type.  The results showed it was the same type so with the exception of the change of one of the chemo drugs, the routine will stay the same for now and  in a couple of months, another CAT scan will be done again. It also meant that for now, another disappointment in the fact that the Y-90 procedure we were hoping for has been put on the "back burner"

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June was the annual retired Greyhound employees picnic held at Red Sunset Park in Gresham

We were able to enjoy the St. Paul Rodeo  

And the Timber Festival in Estacada, Oregon where I lived before I married Joe.

This is a portion of the meandering Clackamas River that flows past the Timber Park in Estacada

That evening we enjoyed the fireworks at the park. At least a full half hour of loud bangs and beautiful displays.

If you notice, Joe has his pump around his waist and where is he??? on a ladder.  Nothing seems to stop that guy of mine when something needs to be done.

We enjoyed our annual Tarr family reunion the second Saturday in July. It was held at his cousins place.Five beautiful acres of trees, groomed grounds, new horse shoe pits and a 9 hole disc golf course. This is the old homestead where Joe spent his teen years. Cousin Ben bought it back a couple of years ago and has turned it into a beautiful place for his family and friends to enjoy.

The next day we went back for a visit with Ben and Robin. This is one of their two dogs. And this particular little one took to Joe and wouldn't move off his chest til we left.

I asked Joe's daughter if she would stay with us until after Joe's biopsy which was the day after the family reunion.  I was so thankful that she could arrange that. It was such a comfort to me. Here she is showing her dad some of the pictures she took on a recent cruise.

We recently went again to one of our favorite places, Bauman Farms in  Gervais.

These flowers were in front of our car along the fence that edged the parking lot.

After Joe's chemo recently we spent five days at Barton Park near Estacada. The weather was beautiful and all we did was rest and enjoy the beauty.

Black berries, not quite ripe were abundant everywhere around our rig.

Horseshoes can also be used to hold down a table cloth. 
One of Joe's goals during this camping trip was to put on a few pounds and he did!! He ate hot dogs, spaghetti,  Ensure, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, and smores....... He gained 3 pounds.

We had a camp fire every night.  This pit is higher because it is a handicap site and it is for the protection for those who might be in a wheelchair.  Notice  Joe's bare feet...He was cold but he wanted to feel the heat on his feet.  I had to watch them though because he has neuropathy on his feet and we had to make sure he didn't burn them. 

This is the beautiful Barton Bridge.  One of the places where one can put their raft or other float device into the river.

Looking the opposite direction of the river.

Our friends Jim, Neila and Ruthie joined us one afternoon for a game of Tens, hot dogs and s'mores.  So much fun.

This park has many horseshoe pits so of course Joe had to take  time to pitch a few shoes. Do you see the shoe?

So much beauty

Joe has been wanting to go fishing for a long time and Tuesday was his day. We drove up to Timothy Lake for a few hours.

He fished off a beautiful dock. He didn't have his line in the water 15 minutes and it was fish on.  It was the only one he caught but what a trophy!!

A 14" Rainbow Trout!! I wish I could have captured the look on his face on picture as he was reeling it in.

I loved the cloud cap on Mt. Hood as we drove  up to the Lake.
Well that's it for now family and friends. For now our lives are on an every two week chemo schedule for Joe with rest and some local camping in between.