Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wow!! What A Weekend!!

Off to Bend, for a weekend of horseshoes for Joe and rest for me.  Low clouds made the pass over Mt. Hood so pretty.

Thursday was Senior Games Horseshoe Tournament. Joe placed 2nd in his age group and was on the front page of the Bend Bulletin Sports Section Friday Morning.   Look close.... can you see his horseshoe mid air?

Saturday and Sunday was the High Desert Open 1 & 2.  Our friends Dave and Rhonda Brown came a day early to be an encouragement to Joe during the Senior Games. Rhonda is one of two gals who record all the stats for the tournaments and  Dave pitches in the tournament.  (and came in first in his class on Sunday) Way to go Dave!!

Must have worked. Rhonda is placing his 2nd place medal around his neck. 

After we got back from Bend Thursday we went for a walk around our park.  We were trying to decide if the lamp post was holding up the wood post or vice versa....

This is the park where the Horseshoe tournaments were held.  It is a beautiful city park.

Waiting for the next game to start.  Tournament Day starts with check in at 8:30, Pitching starts at 9:00A.M. and the day usually finishes up about 3:00. So it can be a rather long day for just sitting and watching.  So each day I took a walk around the park and three long blocks to a near by Safeway Store. By now, you know I love beautiful flowers and gardens. Each day on my walk, were these beautiful flowers.. I will let them speak for themselves. 

Notice the rakes in the planning of this pretty garden.

After a day of pitching we would get together in the  dining area of the hotel where  Dave and Rhonda Brown and Barry and Barbara Chapelle were staying and play favorite games. Fast Track, Crazy Rummy and Tens. Barbara is the other stats recorder and her husband Barry is the State Statistician 
Now if I sound like a proud wife...I am. This is Bob Bender, President of the Bend Club presenting Joe with his first place winnings in his class both SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!

My friend Sandra and her husband Ed checked into the RV Resort just before us. With us being gone most of the day for three days, we finally got a chance to spend time with her Sunday afternoon. Both Sandra and her husband are pickleball players. They have many gold and silver medals that will affirm their excellence in the sport. Sandra is also an author and here is a link to check out her books . I just recently finished Love's Dream Song. It was really hard to put it down before I finished it.

After throwing close to 700 shoes over a three day period, my guy is pretty tired.  His mind was no longer on horseshoes, but on his schedule this coming week.... back to a two week chemo schedule with rehydration IV's on Friday and Monday, plus throw in a few routine appointments I have and he has a consult with the radiologist specialist coming up...... we would appreciate your continued prayers. 

Just couldn't resist this. We had just eaten breakfast at Black Bear Diner in Madras on the way home and going back to the rig we spotted these beautiful flowers..... My blouse almost blended right in didn't it.
Joe went to bed with a low grade fever last night and woke up this morning with what he described as not chest pains, but a feeling in his chest he had not felt before. So as instructed when he first started chemo six months ago, he told me to call the Cancer lounge and we spoke to the triage nurse. After she spoke to the on call Dr. she called us back and told Joe to go to the emergency room.  Well, that wound up being a four hour cardiac assessment including EKG, blood work, and a  chest xray. All results came back good. The ER Dr. said except for the cancer, he said he doesn't see many men Joe's age in that good of shape.  

This was his reply to the Dr. and Nurse after they finished caring for him and telling him he could go home. Between you and me .........I think he threw a few shoes too many but those chest muscles will heal in time..
Thank you to all of our friends and family for your continued prayers. We are so grateful.