Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Time For Another Trip To One Of Our Favorite Nurseries

There is something about flowers that gives me that feel good feeling. How can one possibly feel sad when they are surrounded by all this beauty?

We know our way around here so we parked just at the end of this building because we knew what was inside....

The baskets were beyond huge

One handsome guy and a "gazillion" beautiful flowers

Bauman Farms is not only flowers, but fresh fruit and vegetables and always a dish of ice cream. It's interesting because usually anything cold in his mouth is painful, but I guess ice cream is like a cool medicine :) 

After Church Sunday, we went for a "Sunday Drive" to Detroit Lake.
Because we took the back road out of Estacada, we picked up our friend Ruthie who lives near there, and off we went.

It is 52 miles from Estacada to Detroit Lake. Beautiful scenery  all the way. It was in the 90's all the way and we were thankful for the air conditioning in the car. At one point though about ten miles  from Detroit Lake, within 10 minutes, the temperature dropped from 91 to 71 and it was raining.  The roads were so hot, steam was coming up from the pavement.  It was crazy.

We stopped and had a dish of ice cream in Detroit Lakes. This pretty honeysuckle bush graced the fence.The fragrance was wonderful.

I can't remember what tickled our funny bone, but we had a wonderful time on our Sunday Drive.

And of course we had the best Chauffeur ever. I keep saying I need to get him a Chauffeur Cap....