Monday, May 16, 2016

Time For A Haircut

Dewain, Joe's barber for 20+ years and Joe discussing how short to cut his hair.  His hair would come out by the handful each time he combed it and he said it was time for a crew cut.

Dewain explains to Joe that he doesn't charge for a hair cut that has to be because of cancer. He wouldn't even take the tip Joe offered.
We spent Thursday and Friday with our friends Jim and Neila at the Cascade Locks Salmon Hatchery across from Bonneville Dam. We are the Class C parked in front of the 5th wheel.  It was the first time we have boon docked and things went pretty well........ except we realized we needed to buy 2 new house batteries. 
There are beautiful trails  and the Eagle Creek Trail Head begins there. The Pacific Coast Trail also runs through there.

We took a day trip to the East side of Bonneville Dam to see the fish ladders and watch the salmon pass by the viewing windows.

The water was so green and murky you could hardly see the fish.  That is a Lamprey eel hanging on to the glass.

It was fun watching the fish "climb" the ladders.

Next we visited the Maryhill Museum of History and Art.  
The grounds are beautiful and well groomed

There was a large display of chess boards and pieces including this very large one on the basement floor.

Views of the mighty Columbia River across the Bridge from Biggs, Oregon

I loved this little church in the town of Maryhill, Washington.
And look at the beautiful wood carving on the steeple
Across the street from the church was this old filling station/garage.

Our last stop was  Columbia Hills State park off Washington highway 14  and the Petroglyphs & Temani Pesh-wa Trail

You have to look close to see the pictures  but they are there.

I thought it was so sad that the trails have to be closed because of vandalism.  We were told though there is a .tour every Friday and Saturday morning at 10:00 A.M 
I loved the way the California Poppy's bloomed around the wood fence.
Have a great week and Smile even in the rain