Sunday, May 8, 2016

Horseshoes and a Treasure

Joe participated in his first tournament since last year.  It was at the horseshoe pits in Gresham.

He lost all six games and was pretty discouraged because at the end of the season last year he was 2nd in his class.

He was also very tired.  I loved and wholeheartedly agreed with Joe's son Rob when he made the following comment.
"He may have lost all the games but it was a win in my book to see him out there." You go Joe!! You'll do better at the next one Memorial Day weekend.
While he was pitching shoes, I decided to go for a walk on one of the trails in Main City Park  in Gresham where the horseshoe pits are.  I saw a beautiful walking bridge as we were coming in and went to check it out. What a beautiful Treasure I found. Happy Mothers Day to Me !!!! As I started on my walk these beautiful Rhododendron trees lined one side of the City Park Sheds.

I saw this bridge as we were driving in so that's where I headed.

The sun was shining brightly and all I had with me was my trusty iPhone5s camera. When I got home I put all the pictures into Google Photo and edited them the best I could.

Please click on the picture to see the writing on the ends of the bridge

The wood work on the bridge was beautiful

There were fountains and streams and benches to sit and listen to the birds, to pray or meditate. It is so beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

Volunteers, in the process of building a Pagoda

I had to brush away the leaves and debris to read this plaque.

It was time to head back to reality, with the clanging of the horseshoes hitting the stakes (or not) and the laughter of men and (a couple of women) having a good time at the tournament. Time to pack the bags, pick up our chairs, load the car, say goodbye to friends until the next time.  And to think I almost didn't go with Joe..... I would have missed finding my Mother's Day treasure .