Monday, May 2, 2016

Easy Peasy Piece of Cake

We were at the EyeHealth Eastside Surgery Center in Clackamas at 8:30 this morning. It took an an hour to get checked in, hooked up to the monitors and IV. I sat in a nice recliner chair with a warm blanket and lots of nurses running around putting in eye drops (lots of them) asking all kind of questions and at the given time, they walked me into the surgery suite. The whole time I was in my street clothes. I was sat in a special chair that reclined and was height adjustable and they covered me with another warm blanket, put a nice towel roll under my neck to make me comfortable The nurse started an iv drip with medicine in it. She explained I don't go to sleep but  I won't remember anything and the next thing I knew they were telling me they were going to walk me to the recovery room. Joe was there to meet me and after about 15-20 minutes they escorted me out to our car. ( they said I walked like a drunk and that's why  they do that. 
These fit over glasses are compliments of the surgery center. I  was instructed to wear my glasses and sunglasses during waking hours. Tomorrow the Dr. will take the patch off and after checking he will advise me to wear the patch at night and during any nap time for one week.  I will continue to use eye drops for 28 days.
I remember none of the procedure even though I was not asleep. After the insurance pays and I pay the co pay, I will have the other eye done.  Right now there is just a little to much on our platter. And the cataract on my right eye isn't as bad as the one on the left was.
It's a beautiful, glorious day here today. So after Joe's Rehydration IV  we are going to come home and just rest and enjoy the day.. Joe isn't feeling like eating or doing too much fluid intake but other than being pretty tired he is hanging in there and doing OK. We love to play card and board games So Friday we went to Cascade Locks to do just that...Play games with our friends Jim and Neila, who are camp hosts at the Cascade Locks Fish Hatchery.  Saturday  we went out to our friend Ruthie's house so I could help her with with some printer issues she was having.. Later Neila made a wonderful supper in her pressure cooker and they brought it here and We played games again after supper.  Sunday Joe felt well enough to go to church and about 4:00 PM we received a phone call from one of Joe's horseshoe friends asking if he felt up to a visit. David and Rhonda Brown not only came for a visit, they came with a box full of BBQ Chicken and baked potato. Their church in Mt. Angel puts on a chicken dinner every year. One about now and the other during the Oktoberfest.  Soooo good. It's in the refrigerator waiting for Joe's mouth and tongue  to start feeling better.  Thank you so much David and Rhonda.   I love to cook but right now it's not so much fun.  Tomorrow's calendar looks pretty good. Only a follow up on my eye in the morning.

Thank you for your continued 
prayers, support and words of encouragement .
Betty and Joe