Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Not The News We Expected

No pictures tonight. .. Just an update.  Today after Joe's chemo session we headed to an appointment with the Oncology Surgeon. He was running late and our 4:00pm appointment  finally happened at about 5:15.  Dr. Billingsley is a very compassionate and kind man and I'm sure giving us the information was difficult for him also.  He said the PET scan showed Joe has several malignant lymph nodes in his chest cavity so surgery won't be an option. It was hard to hear, but Dr. went on to explain there are five different chemo drugs that can be used for the type of cancer he has. Research is also on going and who knows when another one might be the one that will eradicate this horrible cancer. Joe will continue with the chemo with maybe adjustments by Dr. Hu, his oncologist now and then. For now, he will have chemo every three weeks. But He will also be getting IV Rehydration  and blood draws to keep an eye on all his numbers. The staff at OHSU Eastside Oncology Clinic are the most caring, compassionate, people I've ever met.  Dr. Hu is a "gentle soul", so knowledgeable. We are glad she was chosen to be Joe's Dr.  (And for staff members at Eastside Clinic who are reading this, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hugs, your soft shoulders and the time you spend listening to and calming our anxieties.)

How are we doing? Well, it was a difficult day but we got through it. It's OK to be down, discouraged and disappointed. Staying there, or giving up isn't OK. There were tears on my part. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't keep them back. Dr. handed me the whole Kleenex box. But as soon as my nose quit bleeding ( normal for me) I pulled myself together. Joe is processing quietly. We talk, we hug and we hold hands a lot.  We are going to be OK.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here yet so we deal with just today.  I recently grabbed on to a  phrase from a book I'm reading... "Don't go there til you get there" and that's how we're doing it. :)
Thank you friends for your continued prayers and good thoughts and wishes.  Lord Bless you more than abundantly.
Betty ....and Joe too.