Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Quiet Week

Our Easter was very quiet this year. It came the Sunday after Chemo Wednesday. We were pleasantly surprised that Joe didn't feel as bad as he usually does the weekend after chemo. He didn't feel like going to church but we watched an Easter Sunday Service via webcast live on our commuter. 

I am one who believes Easter isn't about the bunnies. It's about the death and resurrection of my Lord so that I may have eternal life. But I also love bunnies. My bunnies are planting their garden and their little ones are having soooo much fun helping while the neighbors are watching.

And the Easter eggs remind me of my brother and sister and I coloring Easter eggs when we were young. 

I have mentioned this basket before. It was my mothers. The handle was accidentally broken and glued back on so I have to always remember to pick it up by the bottom.

We recently went to Home Depot to pick up what else.........more paint. On the way in we passed a lot of these tractors.  We don't even have a lawn to mow, but I thought it would be fun to have it just sit on it and dream....I think he is smiling because he doesn't HAVE to mow a lawn.

This is Goldie. She was with her master at the paint counter too. Such a well behaved girl she was. We were told she just came from the groomers. Such a pretty girl too.

Our son and his fiancee went to The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington  He sent me 26 pictures and I asked if I could share some of them with you. His answer.... sure.

I am looking forward to going to
The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon much closer to where we live. And the best part is we are suppose to have some sunny days this next week too.

Dick and I many, many years ago.

Happy Birthday to my little brother on  Tuesday. He's celebrating another birthday in Heaven.  He died in 2004  but I still miss how he would tease me. One of the things I remember as kids, I washed the dishes, he dried them.... He would put the dish back in the water and tell me it was dirty, when it wasn't.  My uncle nicknamed me Jettybean and no one else was ever allowed to call me that except Dick.  I miss you Dick. See you soon.....very soon.