Saturday, February 27, 2016

Enough Sun To Groom The Flower Beds

The days following Joe's last chemo treatment on the 17th, were probably the hardest on him so far. The nurses have always been honest and up front with him and told him it wasn't going to get any easier. He is constantly amazing them with his stamina. For this we are constantly thanking the Lord. After chemo on Wednesday's he goes home with a portable pump so actually he is getting the chemo 24/7 until Friday when we go back and he's disconnected from the pump, and gets a rehydration IV. Then from Saturday morning usually until sometime Wednesday, he feels pretty "puny"  He has no appetite, gets sores in his mouth (which he now has a prescription for) and little or no energy. But he doesn't let that stop him. He  can only sit in his recliner for so long and then off he goes to the guest room where he works on his painting project.  They say you just can't keep a good man down.
This was taken on Thursday morning. It was a beautiful day and he wasn't going to let it get away from him. So outside he went. He was still pretty weak in the knees and it was a good thing his white bucket was there to help him get up. (but he wouldn't admit it) 
It was Thursday, so as much as he disliked quitting, it was time to put things away and head for the Pavilion for the IV. Sometimes I give him a bad time, reminding  him what his nurses tell him, when he can get down  64 oz  of any kind of liquid in a day including juices, clear soups, milk or water,  every day equal to (four regular bottles of water) he won't have to go for the IV's twice a week any more. 

 Even the Heather  bushes got  a "haircut"
Joe and his Aunt Marlene enjoying old family movies.

We are in the process of putting all of our old home movies that are on cassettes on to DVD's. We are using Costco Photo Services. We also took all our old slides and had them put on DVD's with nice music in the background. 
When Joe didn't feel like eating for those three days, he lost down to 161lbs. So this time, when he started eating again, he is determined to put those few pounds back on. He is drinking Coscto's equivalent of Ensure. This way he is getting  all the good nutrients too. He's tried Boost but didn't care for it. He figures if he can get down a lot of calories this week, it will help him get through the next week....... you go Joe.