Sunday, February 7, 2016

Long Time Friends Get Together for Super Bowl Sunday

Left to right: Mac has been Joe's pastor and dear friend  for 40+ years and another long time friend John who has been his friend for 30+ years. 

Joe thought it would be fun to have them come and watch the Super Bowl with him. Which really amazed me because after chemo about this time he usually doesn't feel well. But this time he enjoyed a visit from his daughter Saturday and Sunday morning and even worked on cleaning the outside of the motor home for a half hour before his friends arrived and the game began.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

He came home from his chemo session this past Wednesday and painted til about 7:00 that evening. These are the accordion closet doors. 
The dark purple will also be on the one back wall. Then we will carpet the floor and the guest room will be finished. 
For those of you wondering if I am watching the game the answer is yes. I'm in the guest room, working on the blog, reading my Woman's Day magazine, and doing tax preparation, for an appointment with our tax lady. At the moment I'm adding up mileage for any and all medical appointments this past year including trips to the pharmacy for prescriptions.
I wasn't the least bit interested sitting in the living room with the guys. All they do is talk, talk, talk and holler now and then. But in their talking they did show their appreciation for the food table  and the pizza at half time.