Thursday, January 28, 2016

It Seems We Might Be Developing A Pattern Here

Chemo on Wednesdays, Pump disconnect on Friday, Saturday he starts a down hill slide and by Monday night he has reached his lowest.... Tuesday he goes in for a re hydration IV, Wednesday he's feeling a little better, his food doesn't taste quite so bad,  Thursday (today) another IV and his appetite is coming back a little more. Now six days of feeling pretty good again until next Wednesday then it starts all over again.  That's just the way it is. So today was some good news. Dr. Hu, his oncologist told him the tumor is shrinking. Just a little but it is shrinking. We'll take it!! Tomorrow it's back to the hospital again for a dye study on his port and catheter coming from it. Doctor just wants to make sure all is well in that area.  He saw the surgeon today and all looks well there and he doesn't have to return for two months. It was a long week and this weekend he plans on just enjoying the finals of the Australian Opens (tennis) and continuing getting his strength back in preparation for next Wednesday.