Saturday, January 23, 2016

No Energy Today

This journey we are on isn't always a smooth road and those of you that have been or are currently on the same journey already know what I'm talking about. We didn't have a clue. I find myself being crabby and short tempered sometimes and that's not who I am. It breaks my heart when words fly out of my mouth in frustration.   I'm tired and yet there's laundry to be done, dishes to put in the dishwasher and floors that need to be mopped. I am a "fixer" and I can't fix this. I want Joe to be happy "behind the wheel" and playing pickleball and pitching horseshoes. Not sitting in a black leather recliner for hours in the infusion lounge waiting for the four different IV bags to empty.  I want him to be able to sleep all night, rested in the morning ready to go out and do whatever he enjoys doing.... like raking the leaves, cleaning the car and the motor home. None of this is happening for now. But what IS happening is I'm constantly going before the Lord, asking Him to help me think before I speak and to put a guard before my tongue. We are thankful the Lord has given wisdom to Doctors and Nurses how to care for cancer patients. We spend time in God's Word together. We pray together and we keep reminding ourselves to just take care of today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet. I'm thankful the Australian Opens (tennis) are on  right now so when he doesn't feel like doing anything but sitting in his chair he can watch that and also a couple of football games tomorrow.
So again today, my blog is All About Joe, My Hero, Full of Courage and Strength to keep on fighting, feeling God's Comfort and Peace.

Yesterday was disconnect day....when they disconnect the portable infusion pump that goes home with him after each chemo day and continues the drip for two more days.  But while he was there this time, he had to be re-hydrated via an IV drip that took about an hour and a half. No matter how hard he tries, he still isn't getting enough fluids down to thoroughly flush out his kidneys. That chemo is nasty stuff!!!! It was interesting that there were three other people that day being re hydrated.....
It was a long day because before we ever got to the cancer institute, he made four stops looking for the perfect lavender combination paint samples to paint the guest room.
Check out his "new" blanket. We picked it up at Costco on our way to chemo. As we unwrapped it, and  unfolded it, little fuzzies were flying everywhere. We both had black pants on so they were on our pants as well as all over the floor. His nurse was laughing as she had bought one the night before and it happened to her too. 
He hardly slept at all last night so he woke up very tired this morning and little to no energy. I always smile when I see pictures like this.  He can nap with a toothpick in his mouth!! The little pillow he is holding is a corn pack. Put it in the microwave and it heats up and stays warm for quite a while.  He gets cold so easy. 

After a short nap he was back up, working on putting a LED light that turns off and on by a remote control in the hall closet. While he was at it, he rearranged all the shelves, filling a laundry basket with things for Goodwill. More downsizing.
The aroma coming from my crock pot in the kitchen smells so good.  Great Northern Beans with a ham bone for flavoring for supper.
I hope everyone that could go had a great time at the Bloggerfest  this year.