Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

2016 is almost gone. As I look back on it....what a roller coaster ride. A year of highs and lows. Among the highs were the birth of two great granddaughters, and the marriage of our son Rob to his beautiful bride Gloria.  It was a year of Port placement, chemo, biopsies, MRI's, scans, blood draws, Dr. appointments and in between we'd do chemo breaks to the beach, visiting family, camping and fishing. It was a sad day October 22, when I had to say goodbye to my beloved Joe. Before this year ended, I did what Joe and I had talked about and sold our home in Milwaukie and moved to Damascus, Oregon about a half hour away. I'm close to both my sons and my daughter and a few of my grand kids and great grand kids. If I want to go a bit further, I take Amtrak to visit family in WA.   My church is just a few minutes away and I'm just minutes away from major stores. If you don't have it already you can email me or text me for my address.  I have a few more pictures I would like to share of places my sister took me. Short rides from her house.
Yesterday we went for a ride along the old Sumner-Buckley Highway

These pictures were taken along that highway and of course I'm going to take pictures of all the old and falling down barns, sheds and houses.

Mt.Rainier in all her glory at every turn

Would you believe huge hay bales?

St. Aloysius Catholic Church of Buckley

The old Buckley school.... 

This is the end of the  Rails to Trails where my sister rides her bike from  the outskirts of Orting to South Prairie and back. Fifteen and a half miles.

It's a beautiful little park.

I wish these walls could talk. Jan doesn't know what this building was 

Our last part of the drive was through theTaheleh Development  in Bonney Lake.

On the way to pick up our New Year's Eve Pizza we took a little ride around Lake Bonney. So I saw Lake Tapps, Lake Jane and Lake Bonney during my visit this time.

Look closely. The lake is starting to freeze.

A little marsh where the ducks and geese hide sometimes.

Yes my friends, those are snow flakes on my coat!! I am praying the roads will stay clear until I can get on that train in Tacoma Monday afternoon.

The last three pictures Jan took on her very cold walk this morning. She managed to get a picture of a goose just take off in flight.  Good job Jan!!

And here if you look between the first two trees, there are swans on the water.

I've never been one to make resolutions. But tomorrow will be a life change for me.  It will be a life with out my Joe. But I do have precious memories. What is this new life going to look like? I don't have a clue but I love the words to this old Ira Stanphill Song. 

I know from these last two months, there will be days when it's living moment by moment one breath at a time. These couple of weeks I've spent with Jan I've had time to think about when I get home... I want to let the Lord be more in control of my life and me not trying to help Him, I want to try to develop a daily routine but not have to beat myself up if I don't stick to it.  I want to eat right, exercise more,  spend more time with old friends and get to know my neighbors and make new friends at church, just to name a few.
 So thus ends another year. I looking forward to the New Year no matter what it brings because I know who holds the future. 
I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Walk Around Another Lake

Hi Babe, I went walking again with Jan. This time we walked down to Allen York Park.... Part of  Lake Tapps... On the way there we passed  by lake Jane. You know, we've been there many times. This little guy wasn't afraid of people.  Just eating along the sidewalk.

This is an eagle nest. There were a couple of "eaglets" this year.  The tree is in a parking lot across from the Lake.  The lake is starting to go down as it does every winter.

Please click on picture to enlarge

There have been times especially in the summer when you and I have been down there and there were people and cars and boats everywhere.  Today.....nothing. A few people running or walking there dogs.

You know how I like to make up stories about things I see.  This one has it's own story. The owner lives across the street from the dock and is an acquaintance of Jan's. This is one of the regular walks Jan has taken over the years.

Standing on one of the docks, this is the view to the right....

and to the left.

We had the intention of seeing a lot of geese and ducks on our walk but not this time.....until we got to the very end where we turn around and head back. If you look real close there are a some way in the back.

So today my Fitbit HR is looking more like it should.  9,056 steps. The walk was 3.2 miles and I have been moving some this afternoon and this evening.  "Baby Steps" I'm calling them.  Sleeping better, exercising more, back to my regular Bible reading, (I'm in Isaiah now). Still doing it the way we were before you got so sick....... Open the app on my phone, turn on the bluetooth and follow along in my Bible.  I read somewhere a Godly man told someone "No Bible No Breakfast" and that is the way I do it.  Get ready for the day, read my Bible, then it's breakfast time.
I'm still missing you more than any of my words I have. I miss your hugs, your smile, your snuggles. I miss our rides and so much more.   Jan has been taking me for a ride each day all week. It's been fun but by the time Monday gets here I'll be ready to head back home.

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Walk In Bradley Lake Park Puyallup, Washington

Hi Honey, Today Jan asked me if I would like to go for a walk in Bradley Lake Park. As far as I know you had never been there and neither had I. This is only the 2nd nice day in the almost two weeks I've been here so I said "sure why not" You would have loved it. Friendly bushy tailed squirrels, all kinds of birds, the lake is stocked with trout. Only dock or bank fishing no motor boats.  It's right off Highway 512 on South Hill.
(for my blogger friends, please click on the pictures to enlarge)

I was very impressed that the park is easy access from the parking lot and the children's play ground is access friendly to all. 

Even the tiny kiddos

The pathways are all paved.

I talked to this guy asking him if he catches and releases or was he fishing for his supper and his answer was he takes his limit home.  Nice pan size and some larger sometimes.

I am going to let most of these pictures speak for themselves. I love how trees root themselves into the ground.

These little guys are every where and aren't afraid of people. They were waiting for a handout and it didn't take too long. A gentleman gave him his snack of bread.

Unless the wind lays the trees across the path, they are left where they fall.

Can anyone tell me what these little white spongy balls on the bare limbs are?

Nancy these reflection pictures were taken with you in mind.

She got up there and then realized her arms weren't as strong as they use to be...yeah, she got down just fine.

I thought this was very interesting. Wonder how this park will look in 125 years......

This is the whole play ground from a distance

I guess this is called "monkey see, monkey do"

On the way home we sometimes go via the Orting Highway and Jan has said more than once I wish I could get a picture of this finished corn field and the way the wind has blown the stalks around. So today we did just that and I even managed with out trying, to get Mt. Rainier in the distance.

This was taken on the way home also today. I love old abandoned houses and barns, but two right next to each other?  I wish houses could talk. Bet they would have a story to tell.

We were on Highway 410 on our way to Fred Meyers in Bonney Lake and I couldn't resist taking just one more picture of the mountain I grew up with.

Well my love, that was my day today. It was a good one. I only wish you could have been here with me. But in a way you were. Everything I saw I knew you would have loved. It would have taken longer to get around the lake because you would probably have stopped to pet every dog and there was a lot of them.  You would have told me you were going to bring your fishing gear next time and I'd bring my chair so I could sit and read while you fished off the dock.  Good memories today. Only once did  my eyes start leaking. I was sitting, alone in the green chair in the living room and that was the key word. I'm still trying to get past the pain of knowing you aren't coming back. So I packed up the computer and went down stairs with Jan. All is well. You, Aunt Irene, Uncle Wesley and the other relatives  must be having a celebration this evening. Aunt Marlene called and told me your Aunt Sally joined you sometime around 4:00pm this afternoon. Sad for us remaining here, but joy for you and the family there.

I'll love you for ever and for always
Your Betty Girl