Monday, October 31, 2016

A Letter To Joe

A letter I wrote to Joe and was read at his Celebration of Life Service

Yesterday I honored your military service by having a full military honors graveside service. You would have loved it. Military casket bearers, 21 gun salute, taps and presentation of the flag to Rob. The only thing missing was your “boyz” didn't do a fly by.

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Today I want to honor YOU. Our wedding invitation said “He proposed to her on bended knee, He said “will you travel through life with me?” She said yes and they were married on June 4th 2004...
And travel we did. From Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine,Niagara Falls, down the Eastern Seaboard to Ocracoke Island. Across the USA, encountering a tornado in Dyersburg, Tennessee, on to Branson Missouri where you just couldn't get enough of that good old country music, then on to New Mexico, Arizona, California and back home. We spent winters in the sun where you played horseshoes and PickleBall,and games with our RV friends. Your happy place certainly was behind the wheel.

In the twelve plus years we had together you taught me the meaning of loved and cherished by actions rather than words. You told me before you married me you may not say “I love you as often as you would like but I will always show you”. And show me you did.

But most of all, you showed me what a Godly marriage was like. You loved the Lord with a passion and you let Him guide us in all our decision makings from where we traveled to how we voted. You were so patient with me when I would be frustrated, You were a good listener even when it was late at night and you were ready for sleep and I would tap you on the shoulder and tell you I hadn't used up all my words yet......... You were kind, gentle man..

We recently had a bad thunder storm and you know how terrified I get when that happens. Remember I came running and laid on your hospital bed and you were so weak you could hardly move your arms but you put your arm around me and in a weak whisper in my ear told me “it will be ok” and I if I could talk to you I would tell you It WILL be OK. The next time there is a thunder and lightning storm I will remember that time you held me only I will picture Jesus holding me in HIS arms whispering to me “it will be ok”

I didn't want to let you go at the cemetery. I wanted to climb right in that coach beside your casket but I find comfort that one day, soon and very soon, I will see you again .

I love you more than any of my many words could describe and I always will.

Your “Betty Girl

I have received so many beautiful cards, letters, monetary gifts, and donations to Portland Adventist Hospice in Joe's memory. I am so thankful, so grateful for all of the beautiful expressions of your love.   More changes are coming in my life and as these happen I will write about it here in my blog. 

To all our snow bird friends, I sold the Thousand Trails Membership this past weekend, and am putting the RV on consignment this week. I look forward to following your blogs. I will continue to travel through your eyes.  I hope you have another Blogger Fest this winter. 
Take care,


  1. A lovely tribute, Betty. May the Lord continue to give you strength and good memories until your reunion with your beloved.

  2. We all love you, Betty, and will continue to lift you up in prayer as you move forward.

  3. This brought tears to our eyes as we read this beautiful letter Betty! May God comfort and ❤️you!

  4. A beautiful letter to a very nice man. God bless you!

  5. I'm in tears, a complete mess over here. If only some of us could find what you found after all those years we could be as blessed as you were for the years you spent together happy and SAFE. But it wasn't enough, it's never long enough.

    I will always look up to you as the momma I never had, always there with the perfect advice and the right answers. I know you're missing Joe, the depths of which I cannot truly possibly ever understand, and I wish for once I was the one who had the right words to say but I never do.

    But what I see in you is a strong woman who devoted a lot of her life to taking care of Joe's mom unselfishly... ok we know there were times you weren't singing the praises :) but you still did so with an open heart full of love, not only for her but for but most of all for Joe, and still had time for anyone wise who needed you.
    You are an extremely strong God fearing woman who i someday hope i can emulate if even a tenth of who you are.

    Please try and remember you are not alone. You have hundreds of people praying for you across this country. My door is always open and when I get on my own feet again I want to help you continue traveling in Joe's honor.

    I know it feels like your life has ended too, one of the biggest parts of you was taken away from you and half your heart, but Joe would want for you to go on and live happily in his memory. Take the things he has taught you, the love, the patience and the ability to BE loved and protected so you feel safe.

    Hold your family even closer and love those grands and great grands, let his love that will always remain inside you show the kids what an amazing man their great grandfather is.

    We are promised to be reunited in heaven, just as he prepared his life and his home for you before 2004 he's now preparing a place for you better than he ever could on earth.

    And as time goes on, the days first, the months and the years, he'll always be right there whispering in your ear that everything is going to be CAN do thiso because you CAN do this.

    I love you momma,I wish I could take your pain away but only Jesus can do that. Focusing on the memories my memory itself or by all the pictures you've taken along this beautiful ride of the last 15 years is the best way to honor him, his kindness and his love. He wants you too be happy, the last thing on earth he wants is for you to be sad. All in God's time right?

    I love you with all of my heart and there hasn't been a fast that's good by that I haven't thought of you and prayed for you, God's little reminder of the part of my heart on the west coast who's helped me understand my desirs aren't always what God wants for me at that time.

    Well for not having much to say to comfort you I sure did a lot of talking. My only hope is that something in here will touch you even a tiny bit and let you know how much you are loved from the east coast. Your new journey is just beginning.

    Love you with all my heart,

    -you're Jersey girl.

  6. Such a beautiful tribute right from you heart Betty I believe there will be another Bloggerfest this year, time will tell. We will miss you this winter.

  7. Beautiful way to share with us your love for Joe. Prayers for comfort, dear Betty.

  8. So beautiful Betty. I also will be done RVing when/if my husband goes first. I will be interested in reading how you are handling your new circumstances.Take care and blog often.

  9. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!

  10. Oh, Betty, made me cry, so very beautiful, Take Care and God Bless!! Many times over.....

  11. A beautiful tribute and what a lucky man to have been loved so much by you. May you find peace in the days ahead

  12. So sorry to hear of your loss but what a beautiful celebration of life. There will be many, many wonderful memories for you and in your heart he will always be.

  13. Your letter to Joe was so touching and filled with love. You two have such a beautiful love story. We will all miss you in our travels and I can't think of any better way to keep you in the fold than to blog. We think of you both often. Sending you much love and hugs.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear of Joe's passing. What a lovely tribute. May that peace that passes all understanding be with you now.

  15. Tears are running down my face reading this Betty. I'm so sad and yet so happy that you two found each other and that you had 12 years together. Still, it was far too few. I know you will love and miss him forever. Bless you both.