Monday, October 31, 2016

A Letter To Joe

A letter I wrote to Joe and was read at his Celebration of Life Service

Yesterday I honored your military service by having a full military honors graveside service. You would have loved it. Military casket bearers, 21 gun salute, taps and presentation of the flag to Rob. The only thing missing was your “boyz” didn't do a fly by.

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Today I want to honor YOU. Our wedding invitation said “He proposed to her on bended knee, He said “will you travel through life with me?” She said yes and they were married on June 4th 2004...
And travel we did. From Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine,Niagara Falls, down the Eastern Seaboard to Ocracoke Island. Across the USA, encountering a tornado in Dyersburg, Tennessee, on to Branson Missouri where you just couldn't get enough of that good old country music, then on to New Mexico, Arizona, California and back home. We spent winters in the sun where you played horseshoes and PickleBall,and games with our RV friends. Your happy place certainly was behind the wheel.

In the twelve plus years we had together you taught me the meaning of loved and cherished by actions rather than words. You told me before you married me you may not say “I love you as often as you would like but I will always show you”. And show me you did.

But most of all, you showed me what a Godly marriage was like. You loved the Lord with a passion and you let Him guide us in all our decision makings from where we traveled to how we voted. You were so patient with me when I would be frustrated, You were a good listener even when it was late at night and you were ready for sleep and I would tap you on the shoulder and tell you I hadn't used up all my words yet......... You were kind, gentle man..

We recently had a bad thunder storm and you know how terrified I get when that happens. Remember I came running and laid on your hospital bed and you were so weak you could hardly move your arms but you put your arm around me and in a weak whisper in my ear told me “it will be ok” and I if I could talk to you I would tell you It WILL be OK. The next time there is a thunder and lightning storm I will remember that time you held me only I will picture Jesus holding me in HIS arms whispering to me “it will be ok”

I didn't want to let you go at the cemetery. I wanted to climb right in that coach beside your casket but I find comfort that one day, soon and very soon, I will see you again .

I love you more than any of my many words could describe and I always will.

Your “Betty Girl

I have received so many beautiful cards, letters, monetary gifts, and donations to Portland Adventist Hospice in Joe's memory. I am so thankful, so grateful for all of the beautiful expressions of your love.   More changes are coming in my life and as these happen I will write about it here in my blog. 

To all our snow bird friends, I sold the Thousand Trails Membership this past weekend, and am putting the RV on consignment this week. I look forward to following your blogs. I will continue to travel through your eyes.  I hope you have another Blogger Fest this winter. 
Take care,

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Update On Joe

I wrote a post like this but apparently it never posted so I will try again. Yesterday Joe was admitted to Portland Adventist Hospice Care.
His care will all be here at home. This will be my last update on Joe. I also for now won't be blogging. Thank you for all your prayers. You are always welcome to PM me or text or email me. For my phone number or email please PM me.