Saturday, August 6, 2016

The "Unveiling" And A Nice Surprise

Now I understand why the dressing was so large. But after a few months I'm told I won't hardly be able to see the scar.  Sure hope so. 

We walked into the Infusion lounge yesterday, to this, a very nice surprise birthday celebration for Joe and I. Mine is Monday the 8th and his is the 12th. This is Amanda.   She is the Triage nurse. My go to person when I have questions about Joe's care. I just pick up the phone and she is there. Not only does she answer my questions, but calms my anxieties when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  Like forgetting to give him that very important Lovenox shot  until 5-6 hours later......... 

Amanda thought the teal color on the cake would be a nice color for the top of Joe's hair for his son's up coming wedding. ( He is his son's best man) Their colors are cream and teal.

In my last blog I said I would introduce you to more of our wonderful chemo team.  This is Adia.She is our "go to" financial person and  she can magically make thousands and thousands of dollars disappear from our statement and also gives me the green light when to write  "the check"

Meet Nicole. She was the very first person I saw when I opened the door to the eastside clinic of  the Phil Knight OHSU Cancer Institute. She made me feel so comfortable by giving me a mini tour of what would become our "second home" over the next months. She has the patience of Job when it comes to helping me with Joe's appointments.  Just when we think we have them all scheduled, maybe the Dr. will schedule a CAT scan, or another procedure etc. and that will have to be added to our calendar. Or if he can't have chemo on a certain Wednesday.....hit delete button, and we start all over with different dates.  That's why we can't plan any thing too far in advance.......Except for Rob and Gloria's wedding. I'm telling you this whole staff worked to set aside the week of Sept 10th so there would be no chemo and he would be feeling good for the wedding.

 Kaytee is the charge nurse. Here she is accessing Joe's port so he can get his rehydration IV. He will tell you that port is the best thing since P&B sandwiches were invented.  She has great empathy for Joe not liking needles. She shared with us that she herself doesn't like getting poked with needles either.

When the door opens from the waiting room to the lounge, this sweet lady is usually the one standing there calling Joe's name. This is Barb. She takes all his vital statistics, gets him settled in his recliner and gives him a nice, warm blanket. In her "spare" time, she enjoys making beautiful, very tiny, blankets for preemies and donates them to local neonatal units.

Nurse Kaytee was at lunch when it came time for Joe to get his Lovenox injection so Nurse Nada got the job done. In the back ground is Joe's son Rob and his fiancee Gloria. They are smiling because if you notice.....Gloria has her head turned.  I admire her for even being brave enough to sit with Joe while he was getting his IV

Joe giving Kaytee one last hug for a job well done for the day.  Thank you Kaytee!! You are very special to us.

OK Now.  Rob and Joe are ready to head out for the 2016 Oregon Air Show

And hooray!!!! He's Eating !!!
It's been a long and sometimes painful week but that's behind us now.  The sun is shining, we're both in a recovery mode and looking forward to some camping  and time with my sister.
Have a great week!


  1. Joe really does have a company of angels to watch over him. Great blessings day by day. Our prayers continue.

  2. wow!!! Glad you have such wonderful support through the medical personnel and family!!! Looks like a nice clean job done on your face but it sure looks sore...hope it heals fast....glad to see some 'love shine' in your busy days! xo

  3. How very blessed Joe is to have such awesome caregivers. That hot dog looks mighty good that Joe is eating. Glad he is enjoying food again.

    Give yourself a few months and you won't even notice that small scar.