Friday, December 18, 2015

Easy Day

Joe has been encouraged to wear a mask any time he is outside our house. This was his first try at it.

Today was an easy day. He had his pump disconnected from the port. No pain, easy peasy. Only nurses that have been specially trained, can do this. Our Eastside clinic didn't have one available today so we had to drive to the Gresham clinic. 

 His nurse took time with us to explain how important it was for him to get the fluids in.  He thought he was doing so good drinking two bottles of water a day plus his juice.  She told him that WAS good, but he needed to double it. What????? But after she explained why, he settled down and is determined to do it.   I try to have all his meds, and his water available by his chair when he gets up in the morning. The other thing she emphasized was the importance of taking his medicine at the very first inkling of nausea because it wouldn't get any better. He has three different prescriptions for the nausea.  So thankful he hasn't experienced any yet. 
Daughter Kelly came to see dad after his first chemo.  She and Joe are going through boxes of old family videos and as a Christmas present from her and Hoi and the kids, he's having some of them put on DVD's.