Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Port Is In Now A Couple Of Weeks Of Rest

Hello fellow bloggers.  You will notice as you read, more to the bottom, I'm having trouble with my fonts. I use Google's blog spot.  This just recently started to be a problem. If any of you have a suggestion as to what is going on and/or how to fix it  I would be interested. In the mean time, please excuse the large and small of it. ;)
Joe had his port placement yesterday. He really dislikes needles and pokes But when his nurse started his IV yesterday, he said he hardly felt it at all.This guy really knew his business.

The nurse is explaining the port to Joe. What it looks like and where it will be and how they do the procedure.

The port is in and he is hungry! He hadn't had anything to eat since a small supper the night before.  After the procedure, the doctor came out and let me know every thing went really smooth. He said it was "easy peasy"  Joe agreed when he came back to his room. He said it was the easiest procedure he's had so far.  He had conscious sedation for the procedure. Conscious sedation is a combination of medicines to help you relax ( a sedative ) and to block pain (an anesthetic ) Having this port in means no more needle pokes. He will get the chemo through this and also his blood draws can be done through the port. I teased him because he thought he was with it enough he could drive home NOT!!!! It was dark but not raining when he was discharged at 5:00pm. I drove us home and did a great job of it he said.  It started raining just as we were pulling up to the carport.

Joe slept all night and except for when I had to change his dressing, and another when his Aunt Marlene stopped by, he slept until noon! He just couldn't figure out why he was so sleepy.....I just smiled.  Aunt Marlene came over with a beautiful Christmas Card with a money gift in it. She knew we were going to just have a large poinsettia from Costco this year instead of a Christmas Tree and the money gift was ear marked for that poinsettia. Joe is standing by it.  Thank you Aunt Marlene.
Joe had yet another Dr. appointment this afternoon. This time with the surgeon to check on his incision that is slow in healing. He finished the antibiotics and the Dr. is pleased with the progress.  It is still draining and I am still changing the dressings twice a day. He has another appointment to check on it next Tuesday afternoon.
I received a phone call from Dr. Hu, his chemo Dr. yesterday while he was in Post Recovery. She felt his chemo treatment that was set for tomorrow should be set back until Wednesday, December 16th, giving his incision more time to heal.  When Joe heard that his whole demeanor changed.  He was really feeling overwhelmed and anxious with all the  procedures and surgery and facing chemo.  Now he has a little over two weeks to just rest and relax.  His family get together has been changed to accommodate the new schedule and while we are up in Redmond, WA., We are going to visit my sister in Bonney Lake and go to Spanaway Park to see the Fantasy Lights

I enjoy my kitchen calendars every month of every year.  Ever since we went to Kauai I also enjoy pictures of pretty roosters. They were annoying while we were there though. One time we were trying to have a picnic and they first jumped up on the seat of the picnic table then they had nerve enough to jump up on the table  itself and disrupt our lunch to the point of forcing us to pack up and eat in the car. 


We are really looking forward to just being able to stay home with no interruptions with Doctor or procedure appointments for awhile. We want to thank all of you who have visited by phone or in person, by email and Facebook, those who have sent cards and for all of your prayers and well wishes.