Monday, November 30, 2015

We Were Blessed Beyond Measure Today

I have known Burt and Phyllis  for many years. Because they have been associated with the Singing  Christmas Tree for over 30 years, I had texted Phyllis to inquire about seating at New Hope Church where Portland's Singing Christmas Tree was performing. I wanted to surprise Joe by buying us tickets to one of the performances. It would be the first outing since his surgery. Shortly after I texted her I received the following message."Betty, each year because of our giving to the Tree Burt and I are able to bless people with tickets to a performance. This year I'd like to include you and Joe. Let me know and I'll contact the ticket office to let them know you'll be calling. You can come to any of the shows of your choice and I'll have you talk to the ticket office manager, Patty, so she can help get you priority seating on the day/evening you'd want to come. I'm not sure what the sales have been so I couldn't tell you what's available. And here's the upside. If for some reason up to the last minute Joe doesn't feel like it will work out, it's not a problem. Patty can always fill the seats.  Well even though he tires easy, he wanted to go. We were treated like royal guests! It seems like more than a few knew of our story and those involved got us to exactly where we needed to go.  

The performances were held at New Hope Church this year rather than downtown at the Keller Auditorium. (It was announced tonight that they will be back at the Keller next year.  The whole church was so beautifully decorated. 

This isn't the best picture. We were allowed to take a picture before the performance started. Then no more pictures or videos.  Over three hundred participants. Adults, teens and children. The first part was secular Christmas music and dancing, and the second part was the Message of the Manger. A beautiful Nativity presentation. We were in awe, spellbound, by what we were seeing and hearing. Thank you again from our hearts Burt and Phyllis, for blessing us with tickets to see and hear The Singing Christmas Tree.  
 Joe has to be at the hospital at 11:00AM  this morning for the port placement. Prayers that the procedure will go smoothly. Thank you so much