Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Just Giggle Sometimes At The Lord's Goodness And Perfect Timing

I knew Joe's cousin Dennis, was coming to see him today, just didn't know when.  Earlier,  my oven door separated when I opened it.  The white cover came apart from the inside black part . I guess a screw came loose and fell out. Anyway, there was a knock at the front door and there was Dennis. Joe  didn't know about the oven situation yet, so I quietly hurried Dennis into the kitchen to survey the situation. He went back out to the car to get a screw driver and came back in with his safety vest and hard hat on....."can never be too safe" he says.  About that time Joe came out of the bedroom and found Dennis just finishing up putting my oven door back together.  Thank you Cuz for coming to visit and thank you Lord for sending him at the perfect time to fix my oven

Today was a very good day. He's eating and drinking better and we even got a "once around the park" walk in. It will be good when he feels like doing it three times a day.